The narrow gauge engines are same size as Standard Gauge engines!

Series 1

1. Thomas Helps Out

Thomas is a really useful tank engine on the Island of Sodor! The Fat Controller and all the other engines say so. But Diesel is one of the only engines to believe Thomas is a very unreliable engine and calls Thomas names saying he could be more useful but when Diesel races too fast running out of oil on a cliff, it's up to Thomas to help and show Diesel how useful he is!

2. Entertaining the Narrow Gauge Engines

The Narrow Gauge Engines work on Sodor and come to see Thomas. Duncan and Sir Handel are very rude insulting Tidmouth Sheds. Thomas heads off to work with Sir Handel and Duncan saying when he moves the trucks "You could move them faster than that" and then Duncan races up to the trucks and bumps them but his breaks fail pushing so many trucks with the trucks running away and Duncan not being able to stop. Thomas is not too late to help. At a broken bridge after the trucks destroy the bridge they are also destroyed after falling deep in the river under the bridge with all being swept away. Thomas chases Duncan with Thomas's driver coupling the two engines up and Thomas helps Duncan. The Fat Controller scolds Duncan and Sir Handel for being very silly and very rude.

3. Engine Funfair (This is Diesel 10's second episode appearence)

A funfair is coming to Sodor for all the engines to enjoy. A bouncy engine, a Troublesome Truck slide, a truck and coconut shy, holes in a wall for an engine to look into and an engine stall. The engines have so much fun but Diesel 10 the naughty diesel wants to destroy all the games by using his claw he bites the bouncy engine which flattens, wrecks the slide on the Troublesome Truck slide so that Stanley coming down breaks a wheel, takes the cup and stick of the coconut shy apart, makes no hole in the wall with there being loads of holes and stuffs his face with all the food at the engine stall but Donald and Douglas help by arresting Diesel 10 sending him to jail.

4. Football

The Fat Controller has set up a football match for the engines to play.

Team Blue

Captain: Thomas

Left Goal Defence: James

Right Goal Defence: Percy

Goal Keeper: Gordon

Other Team Members (players): Toby and Henry

Team Red

Captain: Edward

Left Goal Defence: Donald

Right Goal Defence: Douglas

Goal Keeper: Duck

Other Team Members (players): Oliver and Emily

with it being a draw and everyone is awarded a medal each for winning.

5. Spamcan and The Diesel

Spamcan and The Diesel are each very naughty diesels. The Fat Controller is not so pleased to have them on his railway but one day after stealing Gordon's express, Duck and Thomas teach the two a lesson.

6. Accidents On Sodor

It is not such a good day for the engines as all are causing accidents. In the morning Bill and Ben are seen having a race until they see a sign saying 'DO NOT PASS' as Henry, Harvey and Rocky are all working on a broken bridge. Bill and Ben ignore it as they do not want their race to end and knock it over both falling off the bridge and breaking a wheel each causing Henry to jump back in surprise attached to Rocky who derails followed by Rocky and Harvey who are both attached, the bridge falls down and after Bill and Ben have knocked the sign down Thomas, Annie and Clarabel are all going up only to find a big hole but there is not enough room to go back and the three crash to the bottom. Gordon is going by very fast with the Express racing Spencer but then is going so fast his breaks fail and he can't stop crashing below with Spencer in the lead but Gordon crashes on top of Spencer causing him to derail.

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