"Hello I'm Thomas the Tank Engine. I have found over 100 jokes at least. Here are my jokes and other engines had jokes too"My jokesT: I seem to have a blue tank, sirST: Is there any blue tack in there? Q:What do you get if you cross my name with a ship?A: The same name! Q: What do you get if you cross an engine with an enemy?A: Enegine! It sounds like energy which all steamies have! Q: What do you call a train that eats toffee?A: A chew, chew train. Q: My brother has the same name as my colour and I took away the 'l' so what's his name?A: Boo! Does he scare me to death?Harold's JokesQ: What wobbles when it flies?A: A jellicopter! Q: Why are many helicopters called Hellie?A: Hellie was a name named after HELLIEcopters!Duck's JokesD: Sir, I think I got some ducks in my tanks!ST: Ala orange, I'll eat your tanks. Q: Why are Oliver and I so great?A: We're so GREAT Western! Q: What do you get if you cross me with water?A: DuckpondThe Fat Controller's JokesQ: Which jam can't I put on my bread?A: Traffic jam! ST: Toasty marshmellows on camping!T: Did you put them on toast? ST: Good news, honey!LH: What are you talking about? You can't eat me!Diesel's Jokes (very rude)D: Would you blame someone for something they hadn't done?ST: Of course not!D: Good, I haven't done my dirty work! Q: Why did Winnie the Witch stick her head down the toilet?A: To look for her brother Winnie the Pooh! Q: Why did Winnie the Witch stick her head up Winnie the Pooh's bottom?A: To scrape all the poo out so his name was just called Winnie! T: I found out about the bloody tower were they cut your head off!D: Shut up! You're swearing! D: Hello Gordon!G: Shut up Diesel!D: I can't shut up, I'm not a door!Toby's JokesQ: What do you get if you cross a toe with a bee?A: Toby! D: I didn't know bees had toes!T: I don't think they do!D: You're a bee and you have toes because your name is Toby!Edward's JokesQ: Why did the one hand man cross the road?A: To get to the second hand shop!E: I'm probably second hand! Q: What do you get if you cross my name with an egg?A: Eggward!Duke's JokesDun: Why is ya name so juicy?D: What are you talking about?Dun: Ya name is Juke!D: It starts with D!q what do you call a wet melona a water melon How do you get The Fat Controller on a coach? Grease the door frame and hold a chocolate bar from the inside.

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