In 2005, Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends, newly named Thomas & Friends, have been released in LEGO Duplo. Four sets were made, starring James the Red Engine, Thomas the Tank Engine, a Troublesome Truck, Toby the Tram Engine, and Percy the Small Engine. The next year, Harold and Cranky were introduced, with a second Troublesome Truck.

List of Sets


  • 5552: James at Knapford Station - James is taking some of his passengers to Knapford Station. - 32 pieces.
  • 5554: Thomas Load and Carry Set - Thomas is a really useful engine. Today, he and a Troublesome Truck are taking coal to Tidmouth Station. - 61 pieces.
  • 5555: Toby at Wellsworth Station - Toby and Henrietta are taking their passengers to Wellsworth Station. - 18 pieces.
  • 5556: Percy at the Water Tower - Percy is very tired after working all day. So he needs to take a drink at the water tower. - 15 pieces.
  • ....: Thomas Bridge & Tunnel Set - Thomas chugs over bridges and under tunnels, carrying a Troublesome Truck.


  • 3300: Harold the Helicopter - Harold is taking mail, given by Percy, all over Sodor. - 7 pieces.
  • 3301: Cargo-Loading Cranky - At Brendam Docks, Cranky is delivering and carrying some goods to and from ships. - 34 pieces.


  • 3354: Gordon's Express - Gordon, the most powerful steam engine on the island, pulls his passenger trailer at great ease! - 13 pieces.
  • 3353: Spencer set - Whenever Sir Topham Hatt needs a really fast train, he calls for Spencer as he can drive from the command post to anywhere on Sodor in no time! - 45 pieces.
  • 3352: Salty set' - Salty transports goods in his trailer from the docks to every other place on Sodor. - 8 pieces.

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