Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends ERTL - Season 1 is narrated by Ringo Starr. It is broadcasted in 2009.


1. Neil to the Rescue: A new tender engine named David has crashed into a field of cows. It's up to Neil to come to the rescue.

  • Featuring: Neil, David and The Fat Controller.
  • Interducing: David.

2. Bye George: George is sent to work at a new place. Neil takes him to the new place. Soon George causes trouble. Later that day 16 holds a short passanger train back home. But he crashes into a field. Second George blocks Duck's way, but Duck takes George off his way. Last, George makes Nevile crash into a troublesome truck. George is punished by the fat Controller. Thomas, Percy and Neil see him.

  • Featuring: Thomas, Percy, Duck, Sixteen, Nevile, George, Skarloey, Rheneas, Duke, and the Fat Controller.

3. Trouble with Diesel: Toby is not feeling well. So Diesel takes over his work. Thomas and Percy are shocked. So Diesel is tired. But he tries to pull trucks, but that sends him crashing into some vans. Toby comes back and Diesel is punished.

  • Featuring: Thomas, Percy, Toby and Diesel

4. Rugter the Troublesome Engine: The Fat Controller goes and buys another engine from an engine workshop. The new engine is called Rugter - a rough-riding engine with a strong language who's very rude and arrogant towards the engines. But Rugter has an accident. Thomas and Percy help him back on the rails.

  • Featuring Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald & Douglas, Oliver, Diesel, Arry & Bert, Rugter and The Fat Controller.
  • Interducing: Rugter.

5. Rugter Does It Again: Duck, Thomas and Neil have to help Rugter in the Incline Railway. Rugter is too impaitence to work at the Incline Railway. While he is working with his friends, he is showing off how to be the Really Useful engine until he got into the land of trouble. The Fat Controller punishes Rugter.

  • Featuring: Thomas, Duck, Neil, Rugter, and The Fat Controller.

6. Harvey Saves the Day: Harvey the Crane Engine is annoyed with his biggest task never to lift objects and The Fat Controller shuts Chris up in the shed. Rugter is such a bad temper. Salty tells him about his attitude. Meanwhile Dennis is heading for the broken bridge. Meanwhile Neil shunts trucks when Harvey rushes to the rescue. He helps Dennis back on the rails with Thomas and clears away the broken trucks. The Fat Controller decides that Harvey is a responsible engine, and Chris runs to apologise. That Fat Controller rewards Harvey with Sodor Water Works and Centre Island Quarry.

  • Featuring Thomas, Neil, Harvey, Dennis, Chris, Salty, Rugter and The Fat Controller.

7. Rugter's Dangerous Trucks: Rugter has an accident with gunpower trucks. Duck comes to his rescue.

  • Featuring Thomas, Duck, Rugter and The Fat Controller.

8. The Promlem with Fergus: When Rugter is sent away, Fergus is surprised with the hole that the gunpowder trucks are destroyed yet. So he is sent to collect the statue. But the statue is covered up, so he tells the other engines. Then Harold arrives to tell Fergus. Then Fergus has an idea. And he finds the statue and takes it to the hole. People puts the statue on the hole. Everyone is pleased.

  • Featuring Thomas, Duck, Edward, Neil, Fergus, Sir Handel, Skarloey, Gordon, Henry, Harold and the Fat Controller.

9. Smudger Returns: The Narrow Gauge Railway has too much work. So Neil takes Smudger to the Transport Yards. Smudger is repainted Green with Number 11. So he is told to work with Sir Handel. Sir Handel tells him that engines can do. Smudger is rude and puffs away sulking. Soon Smudger arrives and tells Duck. Then it happens. Smudger crashes into a muddy field. Sir Handel comes to rescue Smudger. Mr. Princpal takes away Smudger's wheels.

  • Featuring Neil, Duck, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, Fearless Freddie, Duke, Bertrum, Smudger and Mr. Princpal.

10. Duck, Rosie and the Missing Trucks: The Fat Controller gives Duck and Rosie some shiny new trucks of thier own.

  • Featuring Duck, Rosie, Gareth and the Fat Controller.
  • Interducing Gareth.

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