Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas was a tank engine with six small wheels and The Fat Controller's first engine. He had loads of friends. Thomas pulled Annie and Clarabel. He shunted trucks. Thomas wanted to be more reliable than he was. He was the most reliable engine on Sodor but not the strongest, fastest or biggest. Thomas was smaller than Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Toby, Emily, Donald and Douglas. Duck and Oliver were the same size and Percy was smaller. Gordon was the biggest out of all of them. He liked to boast about being strong and faster. Thomas knew he was reliable. Thomas worked really hard one day shunting the Troublesome Trucks including Hector the heaviest, biggest and friendliest and Scruffey the rudest, worst truck. Oliver had took Scruffey to pieces and they had built Scruffey again. Terence worked near Thomas's branchline. Terence the Tractor ploughed in a field. Rod who was the same colour sometimes helped Terence when Terence dropped logs. Trevor also helped. One day Thomas came along pulling a long heavy train of trucks. The Troublesome Trucks were being naughty and Hector wasn't on the train. Gordon laughed because Thomas wasn't pulling coaches. He called the trucks dirty. The trucks were shocked. The trucks didn't like steamies but they hated Diesel. Diesel was mean to them. But Gordon was being even worse than Diesel.

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