Thomas the Tank Engine Kids is a story series by Fire-Cooking on deviantart based on Joke between friends and a random Page on scratchpad wiki.


Sir Topham Hatt has dreams about his engines but the catch is they're all little kids (except Edward But he's the snot nosed-y ist) and they're all still trains but with arms, families, can eat food, Etc...


Dream characters


  • James Jr.
  • Edward ("the snot nosed-y ist"- James Jr. first story)
  • Little Thomas
  • Percy ("the girly"- everyone)
  • Gordon
  • Henry


  • James Sn. (James father)
  • Rev. W. Awdry. (Little thomas' grandfather)
  • Percys parents
  • The Doctor (mentioned)

Non dream characters

  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Lady hatt
  • James the red engine

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