On Sodor it is November 25th (30 days till Christmas) Thomas and his friends are getting ready getting everything to help. But Diesel, Arry, Bert and Diesel 10 want to ruin the Christmas time. On the 12th December Diesel 10 takes the decorations for the tree in a truck with James thinking he left them behind. Diesel 10 destroys the decorations. On the 23rd December when all the presents are under the tree, at night on the 24th December Diesel steals the presents and tree. Then they celebrate using nasty decorations and have their presents as well. With Elizabeth and Lorry 1's help Christmas is saved and Diesel 10, Diesel, Arry and Bert are sent to prison.

The Cast (in order of appearence)

Thomas Sangster as Thomas the Tank Engine-the main protagonist!

Peter Kay as The Fat Controller-the controller of Sodor.

David Kelly as Edward-the old kind blue engine.

Colin Firth as Henry-the long, fast green engine.

Eros Vlahos as Gordon-the big, powerful blue engine.

Thomas Sangster as James-the shiny red engine.

Samuel Honywood as Percy-Thomas's best friend.

Kelly MacDonald as Emily-the newest member of the Steam Team.

David Kelly as Toby-the brown tram engine.

Frank Kelly as Diesel 10-the main antagonist.

Frank Kelly as Diesel-the second main antagonist

Frank Kelly as Arry & Bert-the other second main antagonists.

Emma Thompson as Elizabeth-the Vintage Lorry.

Jim Norton as Lorry 1-the first lorry of the Horrid Lorries

Kerry Shale as Lorry 2-the second lorry of the Horrid Lorries

Ardal O'Hanlon as Lorry 3-the third lorry of the Horrid Lorries

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