Thomas and the other engines don't know Diesel 10 has returned and put a bomb at the back of the sheds. Thomas and Edward are the first to realise and tell all the engines to escape Tidmouth Sheds. All the other engines escape. Now they need a new shed. Diesel 10 escapes. Thomas goes to get another roof with Diesel 10 chasing him. Then the player needs to control Thomas to escape Diesel 10 getting the roof. If the player fails Diesel 10 will crush the roof up, if the player makes it, it'll be brought to where the engines lived then the player needs to help Gordon escape Diesel 10 to get the left and right corners of the shed. If the player fails Diesel 10 will crush both sides up, if the player makes it, it'll be put with the roof then Henry has to escape Diesel 10 to get the back, if the player fails Diesel 10 will do just the same and it'll be just the same if Henry makes it. Then the sheds are ready. Diesel 10 races Thomas and Rocky as Thomas wants revenge on Diesel 10 for him trying to give them no home. Rocky is carrying a bomb and Thomas is taking him with James. The player has to swing the remote or DS to put the bomb there and burn the Dieselworks. Diesel 10, Diesel, Arry, Bert, Splatter, Dodge and The Diesel have to build it again and Diesel 10 can't burn Tidmouth Sheds again as he is so tired after burning it and building the Dieselworks again. Thomas then challenges Diesel 10 to a race (which is easy for the player as Diesel 10 cannot go fast), the player has to hold the remote sidways or use the sideway right button for Thomas to go. If the player beats Diesel 10, the game is complete. If the player loses Diesel 10 then Diesel 10 will burn Tidmouth again. After Diesel 10 is beaten the other diesels escape the Dieselworks not to be burned if Thomas burns the Dieselworks again. Then the game finishes and the credits come.

Created by Ned Grabiec

Directed by Ned Grabiec

Voice Cast (in order of appearence)

Thomas-Tom Hanks

Edward-Jim Norton

Diesel 10-Frank Kelly

Henry-Tom Hanks

Gordon-Tyger Drew Honey

Percy-Wallace Shawn

James-Richard Kind

Toby-Tom Hanks

Emily-Teresa Gallagher

Rocky-Brendan Grace

Diesel-Frank Kelly

Arry and Bert-Frank Kelly

Splatter and Dodge-Nancy Cartright

The Diesel-Don Rickles

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