• Thomas the Tank Engine (Voiced by Brian)
  • Edward the Blue Engine (Voiced by Simon)
  • Henry the Green Engine (Voiced by David)
  • Gordon the Big Engine (Voiced by Eric)
  • James the Red Engine (Voiced by Paul)
  • Percy the Small Engine (Voiced by Steven)
  • Toby the Tram Engine (Voiced by Professor)
  • Duck the Great Western Engine (Voiced by Joey)
  • Devious Diesel (Voiced by Diesel)
  • Lady the Magical Tank Engine (Voiced by Princess)
  • Diesel 10 (Voiced by Wiseguy)
  • Murdoch the Good Strong Engine (Voiced by Simon)
  • Spencer the Silver Engine (Voiced by Alan)
  • Daisy the Diesel Rail-Car (Voiced by Emma)
  • BoCo the Big Green Diesel Engine (Voiced by Alan)
  • Sir Topham Hatt (Voiced by Alan)
  • Donald the Scottish Engine (Voiced by Duncan)
  • Douglas the Scottish Engine (Voiced by French-Guy)
  • Lady Hatt (Voiced by Elizabeth)
  • Sir Handel the Blue Narrow Gauge Engine (Voiced by Brian)
  • Duncan the Narrow Gauge Engine (Voiced by Brian)
  • Rosie the Lavender Tank Engine (Voiced by Kayla)
  • Winston the Inspector Car (Voiced by Zack)
  • Strafford the Battery Car (Voiced by Proffesor)
  • Emily the Beautiful Engine (Voiced by Ivy)
  • Molly the Yellow Engine (Voiced by Amy)
  • Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry (Voiced by Bridget)
  • Splatter the Splode Diesel (Voiced by Wiseguy)
  • Dodge the Splode Diesel (Voiced by Zack)
  • Lady the Magical Engine (Voiced by Kayla)
  • Mavis the Quarry Diesel Engine (Voiced by Kimberly)
  • Oliver the Great Western Engine (Voiced by Lawrence)
  • Arry (Voiced by Kidaroo)
  • Bert (Voiced by Joey)
  • Bertie the Bus (Voiced by Young Guy)
  • Flynn the Fire Engine (Voiced by Eric)
  • Flora (Voiced by Catherine)
  • Belle (Voiced by Belle)
  • Millie (Voiced by Princess)
  • Connor (Voiced by Dave)
  • Ferdinand (Voiced by Dallas)
  • Troublesome Trucks (Voiced by Kidaroo)
  • Hiro the Japanese Engine (Voiced by Diesel/Show)

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