Here's a Thomas the Tank Engine story that should've been part of Season 4 - Patience is a Virture. In the AUS George Carlin narration, I used George Carlin sound clips from Season 4 episodes, and some reversed ones. I made the "Fat Controller" sound clip of George Carlin. I also used music from Season 4.


  • BarneySeason1-3Fan: This is very cool! I love George Carlin, but I prefer Ringo Starr better. I only like Ringo Starr's US/UK narrations of Series 1-2. And George Carlin narrating Series 3-4. Of you excuse me, can you do an George Carlin US narration, which was just the Australian version, but with the lines mentioning guard and "Fat Controller" taken out, a Michael Angelis UK narration, and a Ringo Starr US version?
    • SuperMalechi: Certainly!

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