Thomas and Percy

Thomas the Trackmaster Adventures is a loose adaption of the original Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends series. It uses Tomy/Trackmaster models, using characters from the Railway Series books, and brand new characters.

Character Bios

Prologue Introductions

  • NWR No. 1 - Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Edward is the oldest engine on Sodor. He is kind, helpful, wise, and protective of the younger engines. Like Thomas, Edward runs a branchline that goes to the harbor. Edward's closest friends are Henry, Gordon, and James (despite a lot of arguments). He is based on the Furness Railway Class K2.
  • Henry is the third engine on Sodor, and one of the strongest. He does mixed-traffic duties on the main line, and usually pulls the Flying Kipper. Henry's (somewhat) love interest is Emily. His best friends are Edward, Gordon, and James. Henry is based on the LMS Class 5MT.
  • Gordon is the largest engine in the Steam Team. He pulls the express on the main-line, and despises trucks. One of Gordon's remaining brothers is No. 4472 Flying Scotsman. His best friends are Edward, Henry, and James. Gordon is based on the LNER Gresley Class A1/3.
  • James is a mixed-traffic engine, and is incredibly vain. He hates pulling trucks, and believes he should pull coaches instead. James tries to flirt with other girls, but fails badly because he cares for himself, not others. He is based on the L&YR Class 25.
  • NWR No. 6 - Percy the Small Engine
  • Toby is the first steam tram on Sodor. Like Edward, he is old and wise. Toby has a coach called Henrietta, and helps Thomas with passenger duties on his branchline. Toby isn't strong as the others, but is still very useful. He is based on the LNER Class J70 tram.
  • Duck is a Great Western engine, and is very useful. He knows things the "Great Western Way" and the "wrong way". Duck's name is Montague, but is called "Duck" because he waddles. Duck is never boastful or silly. He is based on the GWR 57xx class.
  • Donald & Douglas are twin engines from Scotland. They enjoy a good joke, and their favorite one is impersonating each other. Donald and Douglas are used on the main line, Edward and Duck's branch lines. They are based on the Caledonian Railway 812.
  • Oliver is Duck's friend, and has a brakevan called Toad. He is used for passenger duties, and also has two coaches named Isabel and Dulcie. The trucks bullied Oliver at first, but when he pulled Scruffey apart, they learned to respect him. Oliver is based on the GWR Class 14xx.
  • NWR No. 12 - Emily the Emerald Engine

Season 1 Introductions

  • Daisy is the first diesel on Sodor. She is a diesel rail-car, and carries passengers on Thomas' branchline. Daisy also has a love-hate relationship with James. She is based on the BR Class 101.
  • Mavis is a diesel shunter working at Ffarquar Quarry. She is young and full of her own ideas, but can be a bit of a handful. Mavis and Toby have been known to like each other. Mavis is based on the BR Class 04 shunter.
  • Boco is a mainline diesel working on Edward's branchline. He is loyal and friendly, making him the most sensible diesel on Sodor. He also hands out good advice all the time. Boco is based on the BR Class 28.
  • Devious Diesel is the antagonist of the series, and Thomas' nemesis. He believes steam engines should be scrapped, and diesels taking over. He is based on the BR Class 08, one of the most preserved British locomotives.
  • Bill and Ben are tank engine twins working at the china clay works. They are cheeky and naughty and rather troublesome. According to Duck, Edward is the only engine who can keep them in order. Thomas and BoCo probably have the same effect over them too. Bill and Ben are based on Alfred and Judy.
  • Whiff is a garbage engine working on Thomas' branchline. He enjoys his job of collecting garbage. Whiff is friendly and always does his job well. He is somewhat naive, as he didn't realize why the other engines tried to avoid him so much. He is based on the NER "66" Aerolite found today at the National Railway Museum in York.
  • NWR No. 23 - Molly the Yellow Engine
  • Spencer is the strongest and fastest steam engine in the world. He is Gordon's cousin, despite them not getting along with each other. Spencer is arrogant, and believes himself superior to the others. This leads to him in a mishap, but he never learns a lesson. Spencer is based on the LNER Gresley A4, which Mallard is based on. His Friends are Molly, Rosie, Emily and Hank. His Enemies is Judge Judy, Diesel and The Foreign Engine.
  • Neville is Molly's male best friend, and somehow looks like a diesel with a tender. He is loyal and friendly to fellow steam engines, and the trucks try not to upset him. Neville is based on the SR Class Q1.
  • Stanley is the newest tank engine on Sodor, and one of the strongest. He was very shy when he first arrived, because he thought Thomas (his friend) has been scrapped. Fortunately, he wasn't, and Stanley is now a loyal hard-worker, and never gives up. He is a Hudswell Clark/Kiston No. 5459/Austin No. 1 hybrid.
  • Danni is a beautiful and kind-hearted blue engine. She is in love with Gordon when she first saw him but she gets nervous around him and sometimes her face turns flushed red. Danni's also the only one who never teased Gordon at all and she became Gordon's girlfriend after she saved his life and stood up for him. Danni is based on the Caledonian Railway Single 123.
  • Iron Arry and Bert are Diesel's brothers, best friends, and partners-in-crime. They wish to scrap steam engines, and replace them with up-to-date diesels. Like Diesel, Arry and Bert are based on the BR Class 08.

Season 2 Introductions

  • Eagle is James' older brother, and wise like Edward. He pulls passenger trains through the day, but often pulls trucks. Eagle, like James, is based on the L&YR Class 25.
  • Harvey is the first and only crane engine on Sodor. He arrived to help with the restoration of Norramby branch line. He services on the main line, and is always called to help others after an accident. Harvey is based on an industrial crane engine - Dubs Crane Engine No. 4101.
  • Hank is a large, blue American engine. He is quite a large engine, and pulls eight passenger coaches at once. Hank is based on the Pennsylvania Railroad K4 pacific.
  • Rosie is Thomas' American cousin, and lover to Oliver. She can't pull heavy trains, but proves that little engines can do big things. Rosie is based on the USA SR dock tank. Her Friends are Thomas, Mavis, Spencer, Molly, Hank, Emily and Billy.
  • Dennis is a grumpy diesel shunter. He sometimes loses his temper, which once caused him which once caused him to crash into the back wall of the shed. Despite this, Dennis is a hard worker and is sometimes called upon to rescue engines who have broken down. He is based on the Bullied 11001.
  • Marty is the newest engine on Norramby, and also the strongest. He was naive and silly when he first arrived, but learned the value of teamwork Molly's injector failed and Marty had to pull Molly and their train single-handedly. Marty is based on the LSWR Class M7.
  • Billy is a shunting/goods engine on the mainline. He is silly, foolish, and refused to listen to advice. After his accident, Billy learned to act mature. He is based on the Manning Wardle L Class.
  • Harley is the newest engine on Sodor, and also one of the strongest. He is constantly late with all his trains and for meetings. The other engines feel sorry for his lateness, but James cannot help teasing him about it. Harley is not based on any particular locomotive class; he is custom built at Crovan's Gate.
  • Barry is a red tank engine working on Duck's branch line. He is partnered with Donald and Douglas to help them on the branchlines. Barry is based on the LNER Class J94. Barry was a character planned to be in book 39 of the Railway Series.
  • Salty is on old diesel shunter working at Brendam docks. He is easy-going, friendly and very practical. He also enjoys telling stories revolving around the sea and fantasy. Salty is based on the BR Class 07.
  • Arthur is the largest tank engine on Sodor. He is a reliable, kind and helpful engine, and often careful to get his jobs done without fuss or mess. Arthur is based on the LMS Ivatt Class 2MT.
  • Hiro is an old Japanese engine doing passenger work on the main line. He often tells tales about how he worked on the Japanese railways. Hiro is based on the Japanese National Railways class D51 steam locomotive.
  • Fergus is a steam traction locomotive working at the quarry. He mainly works at the cement works, and thus calls himself "the pride of the cement works". Fergus is based on an Aveling and Porter railway traction engine.
  • Stepney is an engine on loan from the Bluebell Railway. Thomas' branch line was getting overworked, and Thomas was pleased for some assistance. Stepney is based on the LB&SCR A1x Class "Terrier" 0-6-0T tank locomotive.

Movie Introductions

  • Lady is the magical source of the Island of Sodor. She is a beautiful, kind-hearted, and friendly tank engine. Near the end of the movie, she falls in love with Percy. Lady's closest friends are Thomas and Stanley from their old railway. Lady is a modified K&SER Northiam with the rear cab cut off and an enlarged chimney.
  • Diesel 10 is the main villain of the movie. He is an evil, conniving, bullying, and psychotic monster. He absolutely despises steam engines, and would call them taunting names like "puffball" and "teapot". Diesel 10 is based on a BR Class 42 "Warship" with an added non-regulation hydraulic claw.
  • Splatter and Dodge are Diesel 10's bungling henchmen, whom he collectively calls "Splodge" to save time. The two grow disdain for him by the end of the movie, and refuse to help him catch Thomas and Lady. Splatter and Dodge are based on the BR Class 08, like Diesel, Arry, and Bert.
  • Cecil is Alfred's brother. He seems blissfully aware of Alfred and Diesel 10's evil plans of taking over Sodor. He informs Alfred he'll be dealt with, which would lead to Alfred's end. Cecil was killed, and After That he was rebuilt . Cecil is based on the LNER Gresley B17. His model was modified and reused for 87546/Crovan.
  • Harry is the main antagonist in the Halloween special, and rival of Thomas. He and Thomas fought for who would be Sodor's number one. After an accident, Harry swore his revenge on Thomas, but was destroyed afterwards. Harry is based on the LNER Class J50. His model was sold to the studio for Friturtoons and reused for Mavis' brother.
  • Frank is a Small Grey Diesel who Appeared in the Third Movie He was Hired By Diesel 100, but Was Cought By him When Trying to Push him of the Cliff, He Managed to Escape with Oliver and Duck and Helped Everyone Destroy Diesel 100.
  • Diesel 100 is the Main antagonist of the whole Series, at first he was nice, but his Controller Bought a Steam Engine to Replace him and he Changed Completely and swore revenge on every Steam engine that Crossed his path. In the end he betrayed Arry, Bert and Diesel by telling Edward that they were the real Enemies, the Steam Engines Knew he was Lying and pushed him to the Lower track at the Scrapyard.He saw the Diesels and Called them his Friends, but they Overheard him earlier and pushed him to the Scrapheap.As he was being torn up his parts resembled him in his nice days. The parts of his torn up model were sold to the Friturtoons model making crew, glued back together with hot glue, modified and reused for Diesel 10's model in Friturtoons.

Season 3 Introductions

  • Victor is a red Hispanic tank engine in charge of the Sodor Steam Works - a fueling hub for the engines on Sodor. While he is very busy, he's known for his friendly, engaging personality. Victor is based on Baldwin saddle tank, with added side tanks, one less dome, and his bell moved to the front of his boiler.
  • Wendell is a works diesel stationed at the Sodor Steam Works. He is described as being friendly and is impossible to dislike. Wendell is based on the BR Class 47.
  • Charlie is Stanley's younger brother, and Billy's older brother. Despite his size, Charlie is well known for being fun and ready for adventure. However, there are some characters who look to take advantage of his good nature. Charlie is Good Friends with Stepney and Works in the Shop in it's own Series. Charlie is based on a Hudswell-Clarke tank engine.
  • Flora' is a yellow steam tram residing at Sodor Tramways. Flora is based on a 1904 Moseley Road Tramway steam tram, rebuilt into standard gauge. Instead of buffers, she has four couplings upon her front and rear buffer beam. She has a 0-6-0 wheel arrangement.
  • Murdoch is a mighty British Railways 9F, and one of the younger, but strongest engines. He was cocky when he first arrived, but when Gordon's fire bars collapsed, he learned the value of teamwork. Murdoch is based on the British Railways 9F Class, the last steam engine built for British Railways until 2008. His Rivals are Pinknose, The Foregin Engine, George and D261.
  • Zack is a blue LNER tank engine. He is small, but very powerful. Zack is kind and gentle like Boco, even the trucks do not play tricks on him. Zack is also a member of Norramby branch line, and likes working with Molly the Holden D16. He appears to have a crush on her. In the end, Gwen became his girlfriend. Zack is a Holden rebuild of the LNER Holmes J83 tank engine.
  • Tornado is the newest steam engine for British Railways. The 50th member of his class, Tornado wears LNER apple green livery with pride. He also has grey mustache, and speaks in a posh British accent. Tornado is LNER Peppercorn A1 No. 60163. He is large and strongest engines.
  • Nigel is a mixed-traffic engine who has been living on the Island of Sodor since the end of the Second World War. When we meet him, Eagle at first mistook him for a ghost. Nigel now works on Norramby branch line, and has found Zack the J83 a great North Eastern friend. Nigel is named after his designer, Herbert Nigel Gresley, and is based on the LNER Gresley V2, which No. 4471 - Green Arrow - is a member of.
  • Alfred/98462 is an express engine. He was a conceited engine who thinks tank engines are useless, even if they have 14 wheels or their name is Stevenson. He was repainted blue and his name was withdrawn from him. Alfred/98462 is based on the LNER Holden B12.
  • 87546/Crovan is a mixed-traffic engine. He was a grumpy and lazy engine like Dennis and refused to pull goods trains. He learned his lesson with having a collision with Neville. Now 87546 became the Governor's private engine and named Crovan, and works hard on Norramby branchline, and has also found Molly the D16 a great LNER friend. 87546/Crovan is based on the LNER Gresley B17.
  • No. 13 is an unlucky engine. When he first arrived he caused trouble for Thomas and Percy, had his firebox damaged and stuck in a landslide. After his repairs, 13 told Thomas and Percy that he came to Sodor as an unlucky engine, but returned to the mainland as a very lucky engine. No. 13 is similar to Stanley, minus a cab roof.

Season 4 Introductions

  • D7101/Bear is a passenger diesel. He is loyal and friendly, and respectful to all engines, steam or diesel. D7101 came on loan to Sodor with another diesel, 199, who was mean to the steam engines. The others persuaded Sir Topham Hatt to keep D7101, and he is now called Bear. Bear is based on the BR Class 35.
  • D199/Spamcan is a goods diesel. He was pompous and rude, and sided with the general belief amongst diesels that steam engines are inferior to diesel power. 199 ironically failed and had to be helped home by Molly. He was soon sent home in disgrace. 199 is based on the BR Class 44. His model was sold to the Friturtoons crew and repianted into Captain Planet's diesel engine form.
  • Sam is an old Scottish engine. He has a strong Scottish accent and has a Scottish attitude, i.e. doesn't always listen to the "English" engines. However, once he met Donald and Douglas, he changed completely and is always a welcome visitor to the sheds. Sam is based on the LNER J39, the most numerous of Gresley's designs.
  • Chelsea is a mixed-traffic female engine. She is one of the youngest engines, and wears her LNER green livery with pride. Chelsea shows feelings for Duck. Her best friends are Emily, Molly, and Thomas. Chelsea is based on the LNER Class K3.
  • Becky is a Great Western goods engine. She's one of the younger engines, and is Duck's girlfriend. Becky's best friends are Duck, Oliver, Molly and Thomas. Becky is based on the GWR 2301 Class Dean Goods.
  • Gwen is Molly's younger sister. She was built in 1984, as a replica for the LNER Claud Hamilton. She's a goth engine, which is evident through her wearing of black make-up and black paint scheme. Despite her often morbid and broodily personality, she is quite friendly and loves her "sister" Molly beyond anything. Still, she can be get very creepy at times and is not afraid to speak her mind.

Season 5 Introductions

  • Earl is an express engine. He's the second of his class, and helps Gordon and Spencer with the Wild Nor'Wester. Earl is based on the un-streamlined LNER Class P2.
  • Sir Nigel Gresley is one of Spencer's brothers. He's very competitive, and wants to prove his speed and strength. Sir Nigel, like Spencer, is based on the LNER Class A4, and is remarkably a real engine.
  • Bridget is Edward's love-interest. She is a very shy and timid engine, but when she meets Edward, she gains confidence. Bridget is based on the LNER Gresley Class D49.
  • Charles is a mixed-traffic engine. He had problems on his first day, but he did well the next day, and even made the trucks behave. Charles is based on the LNER Class C1.
  • Harry is Oliver's brother. GWR Class 14xx.
  • Goose is Duck's brother. GWR Class 57xx.
  • Quinlee is Spencer's girlfriend. At first, she plays a rival to Molly, mostly because of Molly's dislike for Thompson designs. In the end, they made up and became friends. Quinlee is based on the LNER Thompson Class B1.
  • Ryan is a freight engine with an attitude. He didn't take to the smaller engines, but when he bashed into two lorries who were competing with Percy and Eagle, Ryan has changed completely. Ryan is based on the LMS Stanier 8F.
  • Quinten is Neville's sole surviving brother. The two engines fell out after an accident, but now Neville and Quinten are friends again. Quinten loves telling jokes. He is based on the SR Class Q1.
  • Walter is Toby's cousin. Despite his small size, Walter is strong in strength, and proved so to James. Walter is based on the LNER Class Y6, and early development of the J70.
  • Jim is Thomas' substitute when Emily and Thomas go to the other railway to search for new engines. When he arrived, Molly disliked him for "replacing" Thomas. After Thomas and Emily's return with the new engines, Molly forgave Jim, who was allowed to stay. Jim is based on the LMS Fowler 4F No. 44422.
  • Wendy is Emily's substitute when Thomas and Emily go to the other railway to search for new engines. When she arrived, Stanley took a shine to her. After Thomas and Emily's return with the new engines, Wendy was allowed to stay. Wendy is based on the LSWR Class T9 No. 30120.
  • Edwin is a powerful-mixed traffic tank engine. He pulls goods trains with Stanley, and takes Annie, Brittany and Clarabel when Thomas is ill or away. Edwin is based on the LNER Class V3.
  • 56789 was built in 1983 as a replica of the Southern Pacific class GS-4. He made it to Sodor in 1991, but when he destroyed two lorries talking about milk and penguins, he turned evil. He was destroyed after he smashed into a wall in a tunnel. Later, in 1997, he was sent to the Union Pacific's rebuild shop, melted down, and rebuilt into a nicer, Southern Pacific class GS-4.

Season 6 Introductions

  • Albert is Thomas' father. His character appears to be like that of Thomas - he described Albert as being gentlemanly and polite. Albert is based on the Parker J1 2-4-2 class, rebuilt from the earlier E1 class of 2-4-0 tank engines of 1870, which were built originally by Sharp, Stewart and Co.
  • Marie is Thomas' mother. Oddly enough, Thomas resembles her more than he does Albert. Marie is sometimes cheeky like her son. Marie is based on the LB&SCR Class E2, like Thomas.
  • Kitchener is an ex-army locomotive. His full name is "The Sodor Regiment" after the island's army regiment, but he was given his nickname on arrival to help along the Sir Topham Hatt's extension line. He is based on the LMS Royal Scot.
  • Wilbert is the newest tank engine on Thomas' branchline. He is very sensible and polite, and does his best to work well. Wilbert is also clever and inventive. Wilbert is based on the LNER Class J94/Hunslet Austerity 0-6-0 saddle tank.


Seeing as to how new characters were introduced, we made models.

  • Eagle is James repainted.
  • Gregory is Alfred repainted
  • Zack is Thomas modified and repainted
  • Gwen is Molly repainted
  • Bridget is a Molly/Emily modified combo
  • Chelsea is a Hiro/Molly modified combo
  • Wendy is also a modified Molly/Emily combo

and more So as you can see, many models were made in the process of the making, filming, and producing of this show.

Thank you.

The head writers


Season One

Season Two

  • 17. The New Line - Norramby branchline is being restored, and James' brother arrives to help.
  • 18. Really Useful Engines - Molly, Neville, and Eagle prove what they can do on their branchline.
  • 19. American Engines - Thomas' American cousin Rosie and a PRR K4 called Hank arrive to help with goods work.
  • 20. Douglas on Ice - Donald and Douglas claim to be the only engines to face snow, but end up on ice.
  • 21. Percy's Coaches - Percy is sad because he pulls trucks, not coaches. But his chance soon comes...
  • 22. Midnight Mix-Up - Cranky the Crane is bored one day, and decides to play a joke overnight.
  • 23. We Need Another Engine (sing-alongs: Yesterday, We Can Work It Out)
  • 24. Sticking Power (sing-alongs: The Night Before, Day Tripper)
  • 25. Harley the New Engine - Neville lets in the others on his secret, and the new engine is ready.
  • 26. A Very "Billy" Moment - Billy arrives on Sodor, and acts very silly, causing a lot of accidents.Teamwork Counts
  • 27. Rescue Engine - Oliver has an accident thanks to the trucks, but Barry comes to the Rescue.
  • 28. New Little Engines - The Skarloey Railway is short of power, so more engines are bought to help.
  • 29. Down on James - James gets a new coat of red, and boasts about it, until birds drop on him.
  • 30. A Fishy Situation - Salty and Arthur come to Sodor, and are used to the smell of fish.
  • 31. Henry's Explosive Special - Henry has to take dynamite to the docks, with disastrous results.
  • 32. Toby Has a Blast - When Toby is to help with dynamite, another mishap closes down the dynamite factory.
  • 33. The Old Bridge - Molly runs out of steam crossing a wooden bridge, which starts to collapse...
  • 34. Japanese Trouble - An old Japanese engine named Hiro arrives on Sodor to help on the main line.
  • 35. Gordon's New Tender (sing-alongs: Don't Bother Me, Can't Buy Me Love)
  • 36. Fergus and Stepney - Fergus and Stepney arrive to help the other engines.

Season Three

  • 37. A Sodor Steam Works - Thomas meets Victor (a Hispanic engine) and Kevin (a road crane) of Sodor Steamworks.
  • 38. Diesels and Measles - When Boco gets measles, the other diesels catch it too!
  • 39. Lumber Train Trouble - A new job doesn't go very well when Molly and James run into the bother with the lumber!
  • 40. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Dennis and new engine Charlie work at the Sodor Chocolate Factory.
  • 41. Two Trams are Better than One - Toby thinks he'll be replaced by a yellow steam tram named Flora.
  • 42. Murdoch the Mighty - New engine Murdoch proves to be a little bit too cocky.
  • 43. Zack the New Engine - Zack the J83 proves what he's capable of when Molly ends up on a broken bridge.
  • 44. Thomas and Tornado - When Gordon has an accident, Thomas and Molly meet a new steam engine...
  • 45. Eagle's Ghost (sing-alongs: Dizzy Miss Lizzy, All My Loving)
  • 46. A New Coach for Thomas (sing-alongs: Eight Days A Week, Paperback Writer)
  • 47. 98462 (sing-alongs: I'm Looking Through You, Nowhere Man)
  • 48. 87546 - 87546, a grumpy B17, refuses to do his work, resulting in a big accident with Neville.
  • 49. Diesel and the Snow Day (sing-alongs: I Feel Fine, Wait)
  • 50. Thomas and Molly's Christmas - Molly plans to spend Christmas with Thomas, with trouble along the way.
  • 51. Emily's Hill (sing-alongs: If I Fell, Do You Want To Know A Secret?)
  • 52. Diesel's Nasty Turn - Diesel thinks that only steam engines are careless with the turntable.
  • 53. Unlucky Engine - Bad luck strikes when Number 13 comes to help Thomas and Percy.
  • 54. The Secret Engine Club - James forbids female engines into The Secret Engine Club, but Eagle has a plan...
  • 55. Dennis' Apple Special - Dennis takes apples to make apple caramels, but they all get smashed.
  • 56. Oliver Gets the Bird (sing-alongs: Penny Lane, Eleanor Rigby)

Season Four

  • 57. You Never Know - Molly tells Thomas and Emily how she and Toby braved a storm back in the LNER.
  • 58. Daisy Becomes a Coach - Daisy's breakdown makes her part of Thomas' train of coaches.
  • 59. Marty Plays a Joke - Marty plays a trick on Gordon, so the big engine muddles Marty's trucks up.
  • 60. The Twins' Passing Problem - Donald and Douglas arrive at opposite directions, each with a long train.
  • 61. Funnel Trouble - Gordon feels "stuffed-up", and Henry has to take the express.
  • 62. James the Clown Engine - James rushes with the Flying Kipper, resulting him crashing into a circus tent.
  • 63. A Bruise - Molly ends up in an accident with Gregory, and needs to go slowly while on a temporary tire.
  • 64. Number Diesels - The engines befriend a friendly diesel named 7101, but dislike a nasty one named 199.
  • 65. Scottish Bother - Sam arrives on Sodor and is worried that he has to work at the docks. When TFC tells him that he has to work on Thomas' banchline, He is jealous. but when a goods train that makes him derail, He and Thomas forget their differnces.
  • 66. Duck's Girl Trouble - Duck falls in love with the new engine, Chelsea, an LNER design engine.
  • 67. Record Red
  • 68. Jack in the Box - Thomas is worried when it's time to go, and the guard doesn't blow his whistle.
  • 69. Goth Engines - Molly's younger sister Gwen - a replica of the D16 - is brought to help on the main line.
  • 70. Trapped by Trees - Eagle stops at Wellsworth station when a fallen tree blocks his track.

Season Five

Season five has no new characters being introduced, as it mainly focuses on the engines introduced in "Thomas and Emily's Scavenger Hunt".

  • 71. Pacific Power - Sir Nigel Gresley and Earl help Gordon and Spencer with the Wild Nor'Wester.
  • 72. Edward's in Love - Edward develops feelings for Bridget the D49.
  • 73. Overworked - Charles helps on Edward's branchline, but has trouble along the way.
  • 74. Great Western Power - Harry and Goose assist Duck and Oliver with the goods work.
  • 75. spilting trucks - Molly and Quinlee take a distrust to one another.
  • 76. Ryan the Hero - Percy and Eagle challenge some lorries to a race for who can deliver their loads faster.
  • 77. Neville and Quinten - Neville and Quinten learn to trust one another.
  • 78. Walter to the Rescue - Walter proves to James what he's capable of doing.
  • 79. Jim's Fishy Day - Jim has trouble with the Flying Kipper while Henry is away.
  • 80. Feelings for Stanley - Wendy helps Stanley in the yards, and she develops a crush on him.
  • 81. Thomas, Edwin and the Boulder
  • 82. Green with Envy (Gone green) - Stephanie and Alex come- Bear quickley made friends with Stephanie.
  • 83. Meet Oily - A new oil tanker causes trouble for Boco.
  • 84. Emily and the Slippery Slide - Emily double-heads with Thomas, but she loves slipping on icy rails.

Season Six

  • 85. Thomas' Parents - We meet Thomas' parents for the first time - Albert and Marie.
  • 86. Oh, Blast! - Emily is annoying Molly one day when she hears a bang coming from the quarry.
  • 87. Bear's Bear - While working in the forest, Bear is followed by a big brown bear.
  • 88. Forget-me-Not - Percy is hit by a large boulder, causing him to lose his memory.
  • 89. Blowing Raspberries - Donald and Douglas break a truck full of raspberries, and thanks to Harold...
  • 90. Henry, Gordon and Kitchener - Gordon and Henry meet with Kitchener for the first time.
  • 91. James and Eagle - James is annoyed to be helping Eagle in the heavy rain, but Eagle convinces him otherwise.
  • 92. Useful and Reliable - Diesel tricks the other engines so Duck can do the work for them.
  • 93. Firsts For Edward - Edward receives a medal for being one of the most reliable engines on Sodor.
  • 94. Overload - Oliver has trouble with Rickety, the new leader of the troublesome trucks.
  • 95. Toby's Ghost Bell - Stanley is worried when Toby mysteriously disappears.
  • 96. Thomas' Twister - Thomas has a bad dream about a tornado attacking Sodor, but the next morning...
  • 97. Molly and Neville's Adventure - Molly and Neville are sent to work on the Midland Valley Railway.
  • 98. Thomas and Wilbert - Thomas meets Wilbert for the first time.
  • 99. Oil and Rocks - Emily nearly has an accident due to slippy rails and rocks on the track.
  • 100. Thomas and Molly's Wedding/100 - The one hundredth episode of the series.

and more

Feature Length Movies

Feature Length Specials

  • Season 1 Finale: Thomas' Very Special Christmas Special
  • Season 2 Finale: A Haunted Hallow-baloo - Diesel 10 and Alfred return to Sodor and have revenge on Thomas, as well as a former foe of Thomas, in the shape of an LNER J50.
  • Season 4 Finale: Thomas and Emily's Scavenger Hunt - Thomas and Emily, pulling a heavy goods train, accidentally end up in the other railway, and encounter new friends.


1. Day of the Diesels

Narrator: If you ask anyone who has ever been to The North Western Railway, they will tell you that it is indeed a very lovely place. Some people visit the railway for the beatiful sights to see; others visit it just to see the famous engines that live there. If you ask any engine who lives there, they'll tell you that there's no better place for an engine to live. Naturally, with all the tourists an visitors, the railway gets very busy. One morning, Sir Topham Hatt came to Tidmouth Sheds, where Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, and Emily slept. He had very important news.
Sir Topham Hatt: I have decided that this is the time I told you all about something. As you know, the summer season brings in massive amounts of tourists. Because of this, Tidmouth Harbor is often cluttered with passenger ships and trains. After several complaints from the harbormaster and various goods merchants who frequently do business there, I have decided... {pauses to induce suspense} buy four new engines from the British Railways. Toby, one of them will assist you on your tramway.
Toby: Okay, sir.
Sir Topham Hatt: Now, Edward, I know you work hard, but you really do need some assistance.
Edward: Thank you, sir.
Gordon: Um, sir...
Sir Topham Hatt: I know what you're thinking, Gordon. No, you will not have to work with the trucks. You will have some help with the express from the engine.
Gordon: Phew.
Sir Topham Hatt: Anyways, Thomas and Emily, another passenger engine will help your on your branchline. I've heard you both have been working rather hard.
Thomas: Thank you, sir.
Emily: And about time, too. I was worried about having to haul Thomas and his trains, as well as my own.
Sir Topham Hatt: And Gordon, James and Henry, a shunter will be helping on the mainline with the goods work.
Edward: When do these engines come?
Sir Topham Hatt: Today, of course! You all know your usual jobs.
Narrator: And Sir Topham Hatt left.

3. The Skarloey Railway

{start of episode}

  • Narrator: One night, Edward arrived home, and he had some news with him.
    Edward: Do you know what I think?
    James: News to me that you could, Edward.
    Edward: I suppose it would be, never having done any yourself.
    Narrator: Edward paused dramatically.
    Gordon: Well, go on. Aren't you going to impress us with your thoughts after all?
    Edward: {after a pause} Something is going on out the sheds.
    Thomas: {innocently} Work?

10. Thomas in Love

  • Thomas: {upset} Well, thanks a lot! You three have made me the biggest loser on this railway! {He runs away sobbing loudly.}
    Emily: For the love of God! You like her, and she likes you. ASK HER OUT ALREADY!!!
    Molly: I think I can handle it from here, Emily. Why don’t you guys go somewhere else?
  • Molly: Thomas. Are you in there?
    Thomas: {inside the shed} Molly? What are you doing in here?
    Molly: I came to talk with you.
    {Thomas comes out of the shed, his eyes filled with tears.}
    Molly: Is what they said true? Do you really like me?
    Thomas: {sadly} Yes. It just sucks. My brothers had been scraped years ago, and now, I have a crush on a girl and I’m too scared to ask her out on a date.
    Molly: Aw, I’m so sorry. I never knew your childhood sucked!
    Thomas: Some things just happen when you don’t expect them.
    Narrator: Then the most odd thing happened. Molly's buffers were touching Thomas', and he went red.
    Thomas: You're buffers are so shiny, but beautiful.
    Molly: {blushing} You’re not the only one with problems. Sometimes I can’t stand the size of my shape. All the boys hit on me and I get annoyed. Once, a C1 tried to flirt with me, and my controller scolded him. I even asked him for a new shape, but he said "no".
    Thomas: You don’t need one. Your body is perfect the way it is. And if guys can’t respect you for you instead of your shape, then they can all kiss my bunker.
    Molly: {blushing more} Aww... thanks!
    Narrator: Then another odd thing happened. Molly puckered her lips to kiss Thomas. Thomas got queasy and...
    Thomas: {throws up on Molly} Bluuuuch!
    Molly: Eeewwww!
    Thomas: {looks away, embarrassed} Sorry...
    Molly: No, it's okay, Thomas! {Thomas looks at her.} Everything's going to be o-kay!

23. We Need Another Engine

  • Narrator: Dennis was cross. When his driver came to start him the next day, he refused to go.
    Dennis: It's not fair! Why can't I be on a branchline, like the others?
    Dennis' Driver: Cheer up! It's only a branchline.
    Dennis: {muttering} It's got engines, hasn't it? I'm not one of them, either, I suppose.
    Dennis' Driver: {losing patience} Come on, Dennis. It's teamwork that counts on a railway, not branch lines.
    Narrator: He pressed the starter button again.
    Dennis: {growling} Don't care!
    Narrator: ...growled Dennis, and started suddenly. He jerked forward. Before his driver could stop him, Dennis hit the wall in the back of the shed. {Dennis runs into a shed support.} Dennis was unhurt, but one of the shed supports was cracked. He was sorry at once, and even sorrier when he realized that Sir Topham Hatt had just come to the sheds. Sir Topham Hatt was cross, and ordered Dennis out while he made sure the shed was safe.

63. A Bruise

  • Narrator: Molly is a caring and loving yellow engine who lives on Sodor. She is the last of a dying class. She mainly works at Norramby branch line. Sometimes in winter, she and other engines like Neville and Eagle work at the Sodor Sudrian Factory. It makes things like glass, rubber, bricks, coal, fake wood, and pipes. Mercifully, this year brought little snow, but lots of ice. One afternoon, she was talking to Eagle.
    Molly: Ugh, I can't stand icy rails! Why can't the weather be good in winter?
    Eagle: Weather's dangerous in winter, Molly. It can cause a lot of accidents.
    Narrator: Molly blew off steam, frustrated. She was pushing a load of rubber and bricks to the harbor. The closest, but slowest, track went over Tidmouth Crossing. Molly was always afraid to come here, worrying she could get hit by another train. She looked down the opposite line on the crossing through some buildings. There was a whistle, and steam emerged over the rooftops. Gregory the Holden B12 was coming along with the express.
    Molly's driver: Come on Molly. We can beat him.
    Narrator: Molly's driver was wrong. He didn't know that Gregory was closer than thought. But Molly knew. Molly slid as she started. She could have made it across successfully if it hadn't been for the ice. Her train got across, but by the time she was almost over, her wheels covered the crossing! Her driver tried hard, but the ice only made Molly slide. It was too late for Gregory to stop.
    Gregory: Oh, no! I can't stop!
    Narrator: His front end jammed firmly into Molly's drive wheels. They were severely damaged.
    Molly: {moans} Owww...
    Gregory: {groans} Ohh, bloody hell! I can't move!
    Narrator: Soon, Victor and Kevin of Sodor Steamworks arrived and separated them. Gregory's front was torn up, and a buffer was missing.
    Gregory: I'm sorry about the accident, Molly.
    Molly: That's all right. It's not your fault.
    Narrator: Victor and Kevin took the two Holden build engines to the Sodor Steamworks. In the meantime, a fitter was repairing Molly.
    Molly: {thinking} I hope this goes well.
    Narrator: The fitter finished repairing Molly. He had put a temporary tire around her more damaged drive wheel.
    Victor: Okay, Molly, it's all fixed. But I suggest you move slowly. You might make that wheel come loose.
    Narrator: Molly's train had been taken away by Zack. Molly sighed miserably.
    Molly: {sadly} Aww, man. No more speed for me. I hope this tire comes off soon. Why do they call it a tire? It isn't made of rubber like a car's.
    Molly's driver: It's what holds your wheels on the rails. Your old one was unrepairable, so you'll use this one until a new tire is made.
    Narrator: Molly sighed again, and headed back to the sheds.

87. Bear's Bear

Narrator: That evening, Bear backed into the sheds. BoCo and Diesel soon followed.
{C Boco: Hello, Bear! How were your days in the forest?
{C Bear: They were grand. {a growling noise is heard}
{C Diesel: Bear, stop growling.
{C Bear: I'm not growling. My engine's turned off.
{C Diesel: Then what's that growling coming from?
{C Boco: Bear! Look beside you!
{C Narrator: Bear looked, and saw a big brown bear sleeping right beside him.
{C Bear: How did that get there?
{C Diesel: Why don't you ask the bear?
{C Boco: {sarcastically} Ha ha ha.
{C Narrator: The bear woke up, had a wander around, and sniffed at Diesel.
{C Diesel: Aaagh!!! THE BEAR'S GOING TO EAT ME!!!
{C Narrator: Diesel was terrified, and shut his eyes, preparing for the worst.
{C Boco: Diesel, how can the bear eat you? It eats fish, and other things. Not diesels!
{C Diesel: {relieved} I knew that.
Bear: I'd better take it back to the forest first thing tomorrow.