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Episode 15: Spring Fever for Gordon Gordon falls in love with the new engine Danni. At what cost will James do to woo Danni?


  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Duck
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Emily
  • Molly
  • Danni
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Oliver (cameo)
  • Spencer (cameo)
  • Skarloey (cameo)
  • Sir Handel (cameo)
  • Duncan (cameo)
  • Diesel (mentioned)


Part One

Narrator: A new engine was racing across the Island of Sodor. She was very excited, and didn't want to be late. She arrived at Knapford Station. Sir Topham Hatt was waiting for her.

Sir Topham Hatt: This is Danni. She was built by the Caledonian Railway in 1886.

Donald: Och, Douggie! It's one of our own!

Douglas: How are ye doing? We're Donald and Douglas.

Danni: It's nice to see you two again.

Percy: I'm Percy.

Thomas: And I'm Thomas. Welcome to the Island of Sodor, Danni.

Danni: Nice to meet you, boys.

Narrator: Just then, Gordon pulled in with the express.

Thomas: Hello, Gordon. This is Danni.

Gordon: Nice to m- {stops mid-sentence in shock}

Danni: Hello, Gordon. I'm Danni.

{Gordon looks at Danni in shock, then smiles and hearts are in his eyes.}

Sir Topham Hatt: Gordon? GORDON!!! {Gordon looks at Sir Topham Hatt} I am talking to you!

Gordon: Er, y-y-yes, sir!

Sir Topham Hatt: Anyway, Gordon, this is Danni. She will help on the mainline, and sometimes the branchlines, not going out on a date.

Gordon: Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.

Narrator: Gordon shown Danni the whole Island - Tidmouth Sheds, the shunting yards, Brendam Docks, and the wharf, close to the Skarloey Railway, where the little engines live. Later that night, Gordon took Danni to Tidmouth Sheds, and Danni told the other engines about her life.

Danni: ...I entered LMS service 1923 and the LMS renumbered me 14010 and gave me the power classification 1P. I was soon withdrawn in 1935 and set me aside for preservation. I was a static exhibit in the Glasgow Museum of Transport, until your Sir Topham Hatt came and bought me.

Emily: That's a really amazing life story. I'm from a dying breed.

Danni: Great Northern Railway Stirling Single, built in 1870, I trust.

Narrator: That night, the engines were talking about Danni.

Thomas: She seems nice.

Edward: And very good manners, too.

James: She's hot, too!

Percy: James, remember the last time you tried to woo a girl?

James: Ummm...

{Cut to a flashback: James is trying to woo Molly at the yards.}

Molly: James, please. I told you before, I don't want to be your girlfriend!

James: {smirking} Sure you do! Look at my red paint, you and I would be a glorious sight together.

Molly: {disgusted} Ugggh! I'd never want to be with someone as conceited as you! All you care about is yourself! Not to mention you’ve asked this same question to the other girls!

James: Molly, you're gorgeous. Be my girlfriend!

Molly: No.

Thomas: Excuse me!

James: {glaring} Shouldn't you be on your way, slow coach?

Thomas: Look, James. Molly won't be your girlfriend. She's already mine. You're the slow coach. You should have been at Wellsworth ten minutes ago!

James: See you, hotness!

Molly: {growls at James as he leaves} I cannot stand him! He's rude and conceited.

Thomas: Don't mind him. That's how James is. Looks like this is a game to him.

Molly: {smiles} Thank you, Thomas.

{Thomas throws up. End flashback.}

James: No-oo...

Percy: Typical.

Sing-A-Long Segment

{Cut to Molly and Emily on a stage}

Molly: Now comes the part of the show where all you boys and girls get a chance to test your vocal chords. We call this the sing-along! All you kids out there will now have a chance to sing this next song right along the Fab Four. Prop man! Oh, prop man!

Emily: Yes, Molly?

Molly: Not you, Emily! The prop man.

Emily: Ain't you heard? I'm taking his place today!

Molly: All right then. This first song is a tender, romantic love song.

Emily: Love song, you say? I got just the thing! {exits}

Molly: Now kids, while Emily is-

Emily: Yoo-hoo! Molly! {Emily is dressed as Cupid} How's this?

Molly: Who in blazes are you supposed to be?

Emily: Cupid, of course! Romantic, ain't it? {laughs}

{Emily shoots a dart, but it misses Molly and hits the rope Emily is on, and she falls to the ground.}

Molly: Did you say you're Cupid or stupid?

Emily: Cupid, with a K! {laughs}

Molly: {groans} Sing, kids!

The Beatles: You know you made me cry,
I see no use in wondering why,
I cried for you.
And now, you've changed your mind,
I see no reason to change mine,
I cried, it's through, oh.<br/. Oh, you're giving me the same old line,
I'm wondering why,
You hurt me then, you're back again,
No, no, no, not a second time.


You know you made me cry,
I see no use in wondering why,
I cried for you.
And now, you've changed your mind,
I see no reason to change mine,
I cried, it's through, oh.
Oh, you're giving me the same old line,
I'm wondering why,
You hurt me then, you're back again,
No, no, no, not a second time.
Not a second time.
Not a second time.
Not a second time...

{Cut back to the stage}

Molly: Well, now, that wasn't bad at all. But a number of tots out there were practically humming themselves. You there, Susan! And you too, Adam! If you don't know the words, just sing: "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" But with Gusto! All right now. Prop girl! Prop girl!

Emily: You called?

Molly: Yes, now look. This next sing-along number is a real torch song. So I would like you to bring out some appropriate props to put the people in the right mood. Right?

Emily: A torch song? I got just the thing! {exits}

Molly: Now folks, while Emily is off getting the proper props for this next number- {Emily enters as the Statue of Liberty} The Statue of Liberty?!

Emily: Well you said it was a torch song, didn't you? {laughs, then sets the fake fire on fire, and disappears in a cloud of smoke}

Molly: You know, sometimes Emily, you really burn me up!

Emily: {slightly scorched} Sometimes I burn myself up too.

Molly: Sing kids!

The Beatles:
She's got the devil in her heart
But her eyes they tantalize
She's gonna tear your heart apart
Oh her lips are really thrilling
I'll take my chances
for romance is
So important to me
She'll never hurt me
She won't desert me
She's an angel sent to me
She's got the devil in her heart
No, no, this I can't believe
She's gonna tear your heart apart
No, no nay will she deceive
I can't believe that she'll ever ever go
Not when she hugs and says she loves me so
She'll never hurt me
She won't desert me
Listen can't you see
She's got the devil in her heart
Oh, no, no, no, this I can't believe
She's gonna tear your heart apart
No no nay will she deceive
Don't take chances if your romance is
So important to you
She'll never hurt me
She won't desert me
She's an angel sent to me
She's got the devil in her heart
Though she's an angel sent to me

Part Two

Narrator: Next morning, Danni was shunting Gordon's express coaches. The coaches were impressed by the way she shunted them. Most boy engines were rough with coaches, especially James and Diesel, who often banged them rudely.

NWR Coaches: Women always lead! Women always lead!

Narrator: Soon, Gordon arrived a couple minutes later.

Danni: Here you are, Gordon.

Gordon: Thank you very much, Danni.

Narrator: The guard blew his whistle, and Gordon set off. James was watching both in jealousy.

James: Why is it that blue engines get the girl instead of me?

Duck: Maybe it's because they like smart, nice guys and not stuck-up fools.

James: Aw, shut up, Duck!

Narrator: Soon, Gordon stopped at Wellsworth to let Spencer pass. He thought it would be best to stop for water while he was waiting. What he didn't know was that James had filled the water tower with sludge.

{Gordon backs back down to his express. Spencer passes by.}

Narrator: Soon, Gordon's signal was green, and he was on his way. He arrived at a big hill, then he began to feel sick.

Gordon: {groans} Ooohhh... I feel sick...

Narrator: Gordon's crew stopped the train to a complete stop, damped down his fire, and checked him all over. They found nothing until...

Gordon's driver: There's your answer, Gordon: the water tower was filled with sludge!

Gordon: The indignity!

Narrator: Soon, Danni and James arrived to help.

Danni: Oh no! What happened, Gordon?

Gordon: I got sludge in my water tanks.

Narrator: James knew he had to admit it.

James: I confess... I filled the water tower with sludge.

Gordon: {furious} YOU WHAT?!!?

James: I was jealous of you liking Danni.

Danni: You were? I might've known James was a stuck-up jerk.

Narrator: Soon, Danni took Gordon to the works, while James took the express. Sir Topham Hatt was waiting.

Sir Topham Hatt: James, why did you fill that water tower with sludge?

James: {hesitantly} I wanted Danni to like me, and wanted to prove I was a hero to her, but I was wrong.

Sir Topham Hatt: Thank you for owning up, James. That water tower will be out of order until the sludge is cleared. And your punishment will be shunting in the yards for three weeks.

James: {miserably} Yes, sir...

Narrator: Gordon had to spend at least a month at the works. It took a long time to clear the sludge. One evening, Danni came to see Gordon.

Danni: Hello, Gordon.

Gordon: Hey, Danni.... {sighs}

Danni: Gordon, I know that you're sad.

Gordon: Danni, I have something to tell you.

Narrator: He paused to think about what he was going to say.

Gordon: Ever since you came to Sodor, I thought you were a sweet and beautiful engine. You were so delicate and lovely. I just wanted to say... I always had feelings for you, even if you reject those feelings or not.

Narrator: Danni had never heard such honesty from Gordon before.

Danni: Gordon, I've never such honesty from you. I can tell you are pouring out your feelings for me and I think that is beautiful. You're more sweeter and handsomer than James.

Narrator: Gordon and Danni's lips connected one another's. Molly, Toby, Henry, James and Thomas looked on in surprise with eyes wide open.

Toby: Look away, young ones!

Henry: Gordon's such a lucky guy!

Molly: Love like on the old LNER!

James: That's so hot! {other engines look at him} What?! Am I not allowed to say something crude once in a while?

{The kiss stops.}

Danni: Gordon, I love you.

Narrator: Gordon was so surprised he somehow wheeshed steam, filling the works with ash and steam.

Gordon: I love you, too, Danni!!!

Danni: {giggles} I never knew I had such a dramatic effect on other engines.

James: {cheekily} You caused a major effect on me, too.

Thomas, Henry, Toby and Molly: Shut up, James!!!

James: {sighs} All right, I’ll be quiet now... {mutters}

{End credits play with the song: Never Had a Dream Come True by S Club 7.}


Fun Facts

  • First appearance of Danni.
  • First time that Gordon and Danni are in love.
  • Danni's life story is actually real.
  • Third episode in the series focusing on love.
  • Sing-Alongs: Not a Second Time by The Beatles, Devil in her Heart by The Beatles

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