Narrator:One day,Edward was talking to Boco when Thomas steamed up with Annie and Clarabel.

Thomas:Edward,Boco! There's something I have to tell you!

Edward:What is it Thomas?

Thomas:A new railway is to be built next to our shed but we have to find some engines.

Boco:We'd better do something quickly.

Narrator:That night Thomas went to the place where only the Diesels work. Suddenly,(Wheesssssssssssssssh)

Thomas:That sounds like steam engines.

Narrator:the Wheesh came again.

Thomas:Who's there?

Skarloey:Are you one of Sir Topham Hatt's engines?

Thomas:Why yes I am.

Skarloey:Well I'm Skarloey,and I'm with Rheneas,Sir Handel and Peter Sam.

Peter Sam:We've ran out of coal and we're stuck in the scrapyards.

Rheneas:Were escaping.Thomas:From what?

Sir Handel:Scrap.

Narrator:Thomas shivered. But then he remembered how Gordon,Henry and Boco rescued Percy,Toby,Emily and him.

Thomas:I'll be glad to help.

Narrator:And they chuffed off. Then they were stopped.

Foreman:A-ha! Four Narrow Gauge Engines. You can't take these.

Thomas' Driver:Ah,but they're all for us.

Narrator:The foreman looked all over Skarloey,Rheneas,Sir Handel and Peter Sam.

Foreman:Looks in order.

Thomas:That was a close one.

Peter Sam:We've had worse.

Thomas:Home at Last!

Sir Handel:Shhhhhhh! Leave us on our flatbeds here.

Narrator:Thomas said goodbye to the Four Little Engines and puffed away.

James:Hi,Thomas. I was at the scrapyards and I found some narrow gauge engines too.

Rusty:Hi,I'm Rusty.

Duncan:And I'm Duncan.

Thomas:I found some engines your size.

Narrator:Next morning the Engines waited at the sheds for Sir Topham Hatt.

Duck:Ecsuse me Sir.

Sir Topham Hatt:Yes,Duck?

Duck:Thomas and James found some little Engines at the Scrapyards.

Sir Topham Hatt:Then I'd better build a new railway.

Narrator:Now the six little engine have coats of red,blue,green,orange and yellow. They have there own little railway named after Skarloey and so,the Skarloey Railway it will

always be

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