Previous Episode: Episode 58 Next Episode: Episode 60 Episode 59: A Bad Day for Boco Whilst working in the Yards, BoCo scares a black cat resulting in a ladder to fall and land on him. Diesel convinces him he's now got bad luck, and soon all these bad things happen to him. It isn't until he has an accident when he realizes all the 'bad luck' was just a case of faulty railway tracks, and a 4-leaf clover wrapped around his buffer gives him confidence he's no longer 'jinxed', and soon returns to work normally. Characters: Edward Molly Bill and Ben Harvey Boco Diesel Salty Scruffey Sir Topham Hatt Thomas (cameo) Arthur (cameo) Cranky (cameo) George (cameo) Murdoch (mentioned)


Narrator: Boco the Class 28 was hauling a heavy goods train to Brendam Docks. He loves life on the Island, after his awkward first days all those years ago; he has continually proved to be useful to the railway. That morning, he was given a special job for taking the heavy goods train, as Murdoch was getting one of his wheels replaced. Boco's driver: We're going well. Keep this up, and we'll give you a wash down for your hard work. Narrator: Boco smiled. He had had a busy week, with the growing industries. Soon, BoCo rolled into Brendam Docks. Salty: Ahoy matey! You're early, captain! Ye should be called really useful. Boco: Thanks. Narrator: He shunted his trucks for Cranky to load, and trundled away. On the way back, he trundled through the Yard. He met Diesel. Boco: Hello. Diesel: Hello, steamie lover! Narrator: Suddenly, a black cat walked across the tracks. It startled BoCo, and made him blow his horn. This scared the cat, which ran into the sheds, knocking over a ladder, which hit Boco's roof, and broke. Boco: Oh, boy. Diesel: {smirking} Not just "oh boy". You've now got bad luck! Boco: What do you mean? Diesel: You get bad luck when you scare black cats or break ladders, and you've done both! Boco: Rubbish! Luck or bad luck doesn't exist. Diesel: Have it your way, but don't say I didn't warn you! Narrator: Diesel oiled away quickly, and BoCo snorted. He rolled away, to shunt tankers for Molly's train. BoCo trundled along the line towards the depot. Suddenly, there was a patch of faulty tracks ahead. BoCo ran over it, and derailed. Boco: Oh, rats! Maybe I do have bad luck. Narrator: Harvey soon arrived, and hauled BoCo back on the tracks. He thanked Harvey, and continued his journey. When he arrived, Molly was waiting. Molly: {annoyed} You're late! Please hurry, I have to make up for lost time. Boco: I'll try... Narrator: He had quickly and carefully shunted the trucks, and soon the train was almost complete. Boco: So far so good. Narrator: He was shunting the last trucks, when Scruffey started teasing him. Scruffey: Look! It's a big green caterpillar with wheels! Boco: Shut up! Narrator: He shunted the tankers fast into a siding, and the first tanker hit the buffers, and the tankers derailed. Boco: Oh, %#&!! Now this?! Narrator: A frustrated Molly ended up taking the train ten minutes late, and the last tankers were unable to be taken, as the Breakdown Train put them back on the rails. Boco helped, but was feeling very sad. Over the next few days, Boco was having a tough time. He derailed twice, caused a minor accident, and accidentally made George squash the Engine Inspector's bowler hat. He thought he did have bad luck. Boco: {sadly} If I continue this, then the railway might close down. Narrator: So Boco ran away to Wellsworth, and backed into the shed there. Boco: If I stay here, I can't cause any bad luck. Narrator: But while he was there, he saw Bill and Ben pushing a long goods train. The trucks jerked, and broke away. The guard fell out of the brake van, so they couldn't stop. Troublesome Trucks: Hurrah! Hurrah! Bill and Ben: Oh snap! Boco: Oh no! I must help! Narrator: He rolled out of the shed, and quickly dieseled away along the line. The trucks were rattling along the branch line rattling and screaming, and Bill, Ben, and BoCo all chased them. Boco was going as fast as he could, and soon caught up with the trucks. He told Bill and Ben to tell the signalman to change the points onto the runaway siding. Boco soon was in front of the trucks, but some points ahead diverted him onto the same line! Boco: Oh no! Now they're after me! Narrator: The trucks surged against him, and he applied his brakes. BoCo saw Edward coming the opposite way down the same line. Boco: O-eeer! {shuts his eyes} Narrator: But Bill and Ben did tell the signalman, and the points changed, just in time. Boco and the trucks swerved onto the siding, and Edward passed safely. Edward: Bouncing buffers! What was that? Narrator: Boco rolled into the siding, and crashed through the buffers into a patch of hedges. Boco's driver jumped clear, so luckily no one was hurt. Edward continued onto the next station, shunted his trucks, and came back with Harvey. Bill and Ben helped haul away the trucks still on the rails. The signalman rang Sir Topham Hatt and told him what happened. Whilst Bill and Ben hauled the trucks clear, Boco was resting in between two trees. Boco: Oh, no... I will have bad luck forever! Boco's driver: Boco, Edward and Harvey are- look Boco! On your buffer! {Boco looks down to see a plant twirled around his buffer. On the end is a four leaf clover.} Boco: What is it? Boco's driver: It's a four leaf clover. It's supposed to bring good luck. Boco: {sighing in relief} Oh, thank goodness! My bad luck must be gone now! Narrator: Just then, Edward and Harvey puffed up. Edward: We're here. Harvey: Prepare to be back on the rails. Boco: I think it has gone. Narrator: Suddenly, Sir Topham Hatt arrived. Bill: I don't know about no bad luck, here he comes. Boco: Oh no. What will he say? Narrator: But Sir Topham Hatt was smiling. Sir Topham Hatt: Boco, you hay have caused confusion and delay earlier, but today you stopped a nasty accident. You are indeed a really useful engine. Boco: Thank you, sir. I didn't think I'd get so much bad luck. Sir Topham Hatt: Bad luck? You only derailed because of the faulty sun-damaged tracks. You couldn't have helped being distracted by Scruffey, and it was the wind that caused the Inspector's hat to blow off in front of George. Luck had nothing to do with it. Narrator: Soon, Boco and the trucks were back on the rails, and Bill, Ben, and Edward were able to continue with their trains. Boco's driver took the four leaf clover, and now is in a small pot in the shed where he regularly sleeps. He is quite happy, as no matter how much Diesel says he has bad luck, he is sure he always has good luck, even if it may not exist! THE END

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