Thomas and his friends meet D7101 and D199

  • Thomas (cameo)
  • Edward (cameo)
  • Henry
  • Sit Topham Hatt
  • Emily
  • Duck
  • Percy
  • James
  • Donald
  • Hiro
  • D7101
  • D199 (Spamcan)
  • Boco (mentioned)
  • Toby(cameo)

Narrator: It was a nice day on the Island of Sodor and the engines are busy like buzzy bees. One day Sir Topham Hatt came to see the engines.

Sir Topham Hatt : Henry lost his regulator and I sent 2 new engines to do his work. So I need you to make feel welcome.

Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt left. The engines were excited.

James: I hope they're red, like me for instance.

Thomas: I hope they're tank engines, like me and Percy.

Narrator: James was going to Knapford station to collect his coaches. When he got there, he found that his coaches were there and he coupled up to them. The stationmaster came up to him.

Stationmater: 1 of the new diesels shunted your coaches.

James: (Stammering) A - a diesel.

Narrator: Then a bristish blue BR class 35 Hymek Bo - Bo apeared beside him. James didn't like diesels including this one.

7101: Hello, 7101 and I shunted your coaches for you.

James: (rudely) don't you have a name?

7101: They didn't gave me a name on the other railway, but do you like some help?

James: No thank you, ugly box on wheels. (puffs away)

Narrator: 7101 felt upset. Then Percy was on his way to the coaling plant when he saw a BR class 44 Peak 1Co-Co1 with a #199 pulling a goods train and puffed up beside him.

Percy : Hello, I'm Percy and you must be -

D199: Old Reliable, they call me and I don't need you help, let me tell you ugly catipiller with red stripes. Your friends will be scrapped and we'll take over. (purred away)

Narrator: Percy was left speechless. Then, later at Edward's station, D7101 was waiting for his passengers and the signalman came out.

Signalman: Emily has broken at the foot of the hill and I need you to help her and her passengers home.

7101: What about my passengers?

Signalman: Boco can pull your passengers to Knapford.

Narrator: He found Emily at the foot of the hill and Emily didn't met him before.

Emily: Rescued by a diesel, it's degreding I won't go.

Narrator: She soon changed her mind about her passengers, they went to the big station and 7101 was delighted.

Emily: Thank you 7101 for helping me.

7101: Don't mention it.

Narrator: That night, the 2 diesels surveyed the sheds.

D199: It's time 7101, to take this railway over.

7101: Shush 199. It's their railway after all.

D199: Not for long, our controller says "Steam engines spoil our image."

Duck: Of course we do! We'll show what frauds you are. Call yourselves engines?

James: If anything happens you care nothing for your train you just moan for a fitter.

'D199: 'Nothing ever happens to us, we are more reliable.

Narrator: All of the noise greeted this.

D199: How rude!

D7101: You asked for it. Now shut up!

Narrator: The next morning Henry was rolling home tender first.

Henry: (moaning) I'm a failed engine, lost my regulator.

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