Characters: Emily the Emerald Engine


Emily was built in 1870 in Glasgow by Patrick Stirling. In 1923, the railways were nationalized, and Emily worked in the London and North Eastern Railway. She was withdrawn from service in 1960 but was later saved for preservation by the North Western Railway. In 1961, she was tricked by Diesel into going to the scrapyards along with Thomas, Percy and Toby. They were rescued by Henry, who was damaged in the process. Henry was overhauled and returned to Sodor in 1962. Emily later fell in love with Henry, but Diesel wanted to get her attention, to no avail. Diesel then plotted to destroy Emily, but was caught out by Sir Topham Hatt, who sent Diesel to the smelters yards for two months. In 2009, when the Ffarqhuar and Western engines failed, she had to take their trains, as well as her own. She tried to pull the train up the hill, but ended up breaking down. The hill became "Emily's Hill", for her brave efforts.


Emily is a feisty and fun-loving engine. She has deep feelings for Henry, but doesn't fall for Diesel's tricks. It is implied she still has feelings for Thomas, but has yet to be confirmed.

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