Alfred was built in 1961, as a replica of the Holden B12. When he was working on the mainland, the diesels mocked him, which caused his misery. His misery turned to anger, burning in his boiler. Alfred was loaned to Sodor in 2005, to help for the summer with Diesel 10. However, Alfred was innocent around Sir Topham Hatt, and evil when alone. Alfred and Diesel 10 destroyed Knapford Station, almost taking Edward with it. Alfred later destroyed Cecil, who was a replica of the B17. Alfred and Diesel 10 met their downfalls when Thomas pushed Diesel 10 off a cliff. Alfred pushed Thomas along with Diesel 10, and he fell too. Alfred was rebuilt, and sent away in disgrace. In 2006, Alfred returned for his revenge, and he nearly destroyed Molly and the other female engines. At Knapford Station, Alfred was taken out by Thomas, who nearly lost his own life in the process, destroying Alfred completely.


Alfred's twisted remains were taken back to the other railway where he was melted down and built into a new B12. After emerging from the works a few months after Thomas' restoration, Alfred was remained 98462. 98462 arrived back on Sodor in November 2007, and was spiteful to the tank engines. He crashed into a goods train, and was going to be sent away after he was repaired at the Sodor Steamworks. In winter, Thomas' injector failed, and 98462 was to help Thomas and his train back to Ffarqhuar. 98462 apologized to the tank engines for his behavior, and he was allowed to stay. 98462 is now known as Gregory, and number 84 on Sodor. He also serves as a banker for engines going up Gordon's Hill when Edward is unavailable. The engines have all grown to enjoy Gregory's company and his skill at handling trucks. Molly sometimes tells him about life on the LNER back when B12s were abundant. "He reminds me very much of my old friend Stephen," Molly said once. "I think Gregory is a much better B12 than his predecessor Alfred ever was. That is saying something."


Alfred was a very evil engine, and had no mercy at all. He wanted to destroy Molly, but was twice defeated by Thomas, who nearly lost his own life by Alfred's second Sodor arrival. Gregory was a conceited when he arrived, claimed tank engines were useless, even if they had 14 wheels, or their name is Stevenson. He changed his ways when Thomas' injector failed, and is now a valuable member of Sodor.

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