Character: Harry the Gresley J50


Harry was built by the Great Northern Railway in 1922, as the prototype J50. He arrived on Sodor in 1923, when Sir Topham Hatt was deciding who should be number one of Sodor. Stuart and Harry fought for the position, but one day, while double heading a goods train in 1928, Harry was pushed over a cliff and wrecked. He believed Stuart did this, even though the latter didn't do it. Harry was sold to the mines deep in Sodor, and vowed his revenge.

Harry was restored to service in 2006, and plotted his revenge on Thomas. Harry almost managed to do so with Alfred the Holden B12, but Harry was defeated when he was pushed over a cliff, and Alfred when Thomas nearly lost his own life pushing Alfred into a shed. Alfred's remains were sold for scrap, and Harry's remains were sold to the mines again.


When he arrived, Harry was a rude, arrogant, smug and conceited tank engine. He and Thomas fought for being number one. After restoration, Harry became further evil and nearly destroyed Molly and the other female steamies.

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