Character: Cecil the B17/87546/Martin the Freight Engine



Cecil was built in 1961, as a replica of the Gresley B17. The details of his life up to 2005 is murky. He was destroyed by Alfred in 2005 because Cecil told him about being dealt with.


Cecil's twisted remains were taken back to the other railway where he was melted down and built into a new B17. After emerging from the works a few months after, Cecil was renamed 87546.

87546 arrived on Sodor in January 2008, as was extremely lazy and sarcastic. When Molly's cab controls failed, 87546 had to help her finish her job. He was allowed to stay and renamed to Martin, and numbered 87 of the North Western Railway.


Cecil's persona is unknown, but it is implied he is a wise engine.

Martin was lazy and sarcastic when arriving on Sodor. But he soon learned his lesson when Molly's cab controls all failed, and helped her complete her job on time.

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