Character: Molly the Yellow Engine


Molly was built in 1904 by James Holden for the Great Eastern Railway. In 1923, it became a part of the London and North Eastern Railway, and she befriended a Gresley A1 named Gordon. In 1939, World War II broke out in Europe, and liveries disappeared from all the engines. In 1945, the war ended. But later on, all was not well for poor Molly. In 1948, the North Western Railway was sold to Sir Charles Topham Hatt, and Gordon and Toby were brought there, to her dismay. In 1960, she was ordered for scrapping, but ran away from the cutter's torch, and hid in a shed. In 1985, Molly was brought to the North Norfolk Railway. She also befriended a Southern Railway Q1 numbered "33010", or Neville. In 1998, when a Class 55 came to the railway, he said rude things about the engines, and plotted for them to be scrapped. Molly and Neville stopped the 55 by throwing him off a broken bridge, but Molly fell off too. The Class 55 was scrapped soon after that. Molly was recovered from the accident, and by late 1999, she was restored like a really useful engine. In 2001, Molly and Neville were sold to the North Western Railway, where Molly was repainted North Western yellow. When she arrived on Sodor, Thomas fell in love with her, but was too nervous to speak to her. Eventually, in the end, Thomas and Molly fell in love. In 2003, the Norramby branch line was restored, and she, Neville, and Eagle (James' brother) were to help out in the project. However, not everything went to plan, as Eagle got revenge on clergymen for splashing him, Molly bragged about her whistle and lost it, and to put icing on the cake, Neville ended in a collision with tractor's load that spilled onto the line, derailing him. Eventually, everything turned out all right. Molly Works in the Shop in it's Own Series Along with Thomas, Percy, Gordon, Charlie and Stepney


Molly is very shy and timid. Her feelings are easily hurt, and she gets embarrassed very easily, but she can have the courage to do things right. Molly also has concern for the other engines if they are sick or in trouble. Sometimes, Molly can be bossy and stubborn, but still, she is very kind and gentle, a persona a cross between Edward and Toby.

Episodes Where She is Prominent

Season 1

10: Thomas in Love - Molly's debut episode. She falls in love with Thomas in the end. 11: Molly's New Friend - Molly introduces Neville to Thomas, who believes they are more friends. 13: Second Chances - Molly, Gordon, and Toby worry about Spencer being sent away for his accident. The four soon have a reunion in the end.

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