Character: Percy the Small Engine


Percy was built in 1897, claimed by the Great Western Railway in 1923, and arrived on Sodor in 1949. He ran the Ffarqhuar branchline with Thomas, Toby, and Emily. In 1961, he and the other steam engines had an encounter with four diesels named Daisy, Mavis, Boco and Diesel. In 1987, he met with Whiff the garbage engine bought from the National Railway Museum, and soon befriended him in the end. Starting 1988, he took Annie and Clarabel whenever Thomas was ill or away. In 2004, Percy acquired his own coaches and named them Danielle and Fiona, and in 2005, after Alfred and Diesel 10 tried to destroy Sodor, he fell in love with Lady, often known as Goddess of the Railway. In 2008, he and Thomas had an unfortunate encounter from No. 13, who caused a lot of trouble for them. In the end, No. 13 had his bad luck turned into good luck, and left Sodor a lucky engine. He Works in the Shop in it's Own Series Along With Thomas, Molly, Gordon, Charlie and Stepney.


Percy is a cheeky tank engine, and is almost always Thomas' best friend. He also is shown to make obvious mistakes. Percy at first had dislike for girls, but doesn't mind Emily or Molly, but when he met Lady, he changed his opinion about girls - this is one of the few lessons that has stuck. Percy cares a lot about the other engines and will help them when they need him.

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