Character: Sarah the Holden B12


Sarah was built by James Holden for the Great Eastern Railway in December 1911, as the prototype S69 (classified as B12 by LNER). Sarah was owned by the LNER in 1923, and was sold to the North Western Railway in 1926, because of increase in freight work.

Thomas doubted Sarah at first, because she was a girl engine, but when she helped him out of a situation, Thomas couldn't help but like her in the end.

Sarah was sold back to the LNER in 1937, in exchange for James. She was then owned by British Railways in 1948, as soon withdrawn from service in June. Thomas, Edward, Gordon, Toby and Molly can only hope Sarah has survived the cutter's torch.


Sarah is a kind-hearted and caring engine. She doesn't hold a grudge against boys, especially when Thomas once doubted her abilities. Sarah can be a shy and quiet engine as well, like Molly.

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