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Thomas the Trackmaster Movie Part 13: Thomas Comes Back

Molly, believing Thomas was scrapped, tries to destroy herself, but is stopped by Toby, his brotherliness returning. When Molly returns home, what awaits the surviving Claud Hamilton?

Characters: (in order of appearance)

  • Molly
  • Lady
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • James
  • Toby
  • Thomas
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Alfred


Narrator: Later that afternoon, Molly puffed into Elsbridge station. She could see that Lady was there with Annie and Clarabel.

Molly: Hello, Lady.

Narrator: Lady said nothing, she was very miserable. Molly saw that the coaches were looking very sad too. Molly knew the reason, and the thought of the reason made her sad again. Molly left Thomas' branch line and rejoined the main line. She stopped at a signal. James was coming towards her on the line next to her. He too was looking sad.

James: {miserably} Hello, Molly. I have to take this load to the scrapyard. You might not want to look.

Narrator: But as James passed her, Molly looked at the load on the flatbed he was pulling. And what she saw made her gasp and brought tears to her eyes. On the flatbed were broken parts of a steam engine. There were two broken blue drive wheels, a cracked blue dome, a bent broken buffer, a snapped side rod, a smashed headlamp and a broken whistle, which, when blown, would make a whistle sound which everyone recognized, and would know the engine it belonged to.

Molly: {nearly crying} No. Please, don't be so! Not Thomas...!

Narrator: Tears leaked from Molly's eyes. She was devastated. Thomas had been scrapped. The workmen must have dismantled him, and what was left of him was on James' flatbed, which was to be delivered to the scrapyard. Molly puffed sadly along the line in tears. It wasn't right - Thomas had saved the Island of Sodor and his reward was being scrapped. He didn't deserve that. Molly would have right now given her right buffer to have the engine she loved back. And she wouldn't make him throw up every time he was in love again, no matter how much she loved him.

Molly: {crying} I love you, Thomas... please don't get scrapped on me... {continues crying}

Narrator: Molly was at the sidings on the edge of the cliff where Alfred had pushed Thomas off. Looking at these sidings brought the terrible night back into her mind. Molly whimpered with sadness at the memory. She saw that the points were leading into the siding where Thomas, along with Alfred and Diesel 10, had fallen off. The buffered that had been destroyed in the accident had not been replaced, and now there was nothing to stop any engines from falling off the cliff. Molly puffed slowly over the points and to the end of the siding. She looked over the edge of the cliff, down at the ravine below. Thomas, the engine she loved, had been scrapped. There was no point in her being alive anymore. The only way for her to rejoin Thomas would be to destroy herself the same way Thomas did, and hope her remains would be dumped next to his in the scrapyard.

Molly: {tears in her eyes} Goodbye, cruel world... {just as she can puff over the edge...}

Toby: Molly! What are you thinking?!

Narrator: Molly jerked backwards, and looked towards the main line which traveled by the sidings, where a shocked and angry Toby came puffing up.

Molly: There's no point in me being alive now, Toby. Thomas has been scrapped.

Toby: {concerned and sad} You loved him, didn't you?

Molly: Yes. And now that he's been scrapped, there's no point in my life. So I may as well destroy myself.

Toby: Is that what Thomas would want?

Molly: What do you mean, Toby?

Toby: The reason Thomas had his accident was because he was trying to save you from being destroyed by Diesel 10.

Molly: {sadly} So this is all my fault.

Toby: No, it isn't, Molly. But Thomas managed to save you. He wouldn't stop at anything until you were safe. If you destroy yourself, you're throwing what Thomas has done for you back at him.

Molly: {ashamed} You're right Toby. It would be selfish of me to destroy myself, after Thomas has been destroyed to save me. {tears leak from her eyes again} I'm sorry, Toby.

Toby: {smiling} It's okay, Molly. You're still a young engine. Now, you'd better get back to Tidmouth Sheds.

Narrator: Molly reversed sadly out of the sidings. As darkness fell, Molly made her way to Tidmouth Sheds. On the way, she came to Covan's Gate, and stopped by the entrance.

Molly: That's where Thomas went to. And that's where he got taken to pieces.

Narrator: Just then, she heard a puffing noise coming out of the work shed. It sounded like an engine was coming out. The puffing noise got louder as Molly heard the engine approach the entrance. But before it puffed out, it wheeshed a cloud of steam, which covered itself up, so Molly couldn't see who it was. The engine stopped by her, and Molly waited for the steam to clear so she could see who it was. The the steam finally cleared, Molly gasped.

Molly: {gasps} Can it be...

Narrator: It was a small 0-6-0 tank engine with a fresh coat of blue paint, red stripes, the letters "NWR" on its tank side and a number one painted on it's bunker side. Molly recognized it immediately. It was the engine she loved. It was the engine who was known to be cheeky and fussy. It was the engine who had taken a huge accident to save Sodor, and had now been repaired and looked good as new. It was the engine known as; Thomas the Tank Engine.

Molly: {shrieks with joy} THOMAS!!!

Thomas: Hello, Molly.

Molly: I thought you were scrapped!

Thomas: Scrapped?! {laughs} Whatever made you think that? I look alright to you, don't I?

Molly: Yeah, but I saw James take a load of your parts to the scrapyard!

Thomas: Those parts were useless - they were no good, so the workmen got rid of them and gave me some new ones. They were able to repair me. Now I feel like a new engine!

Molly: Oh, Thomas! I'm so glad you're okay!

Thomas: Hey! You won't get rid of me that easily.

Sir Topham Hatt: I'm glad you're okay too, Thomas.

Thomas: Thank you for having me be repaired, Sir.

Molly: I thought for sure you were scrapped!

Sir Topham Hatt: Scrap you! After what you have done, Thomas! I could never scrap you. You have saved the Island of Sodor! You're a really useful engine!

Thomas: Thank you, Sir.

Molly: What happened to the diesels, Sir?

Sir Topham Hatt: I had Diesel, Arry, and Bert cleaned and sent him back to the smelters. Diesel 10 had his wheels taken away and was dumped in a rocky valley near a beach somewhere in England.

Molly: {giggles} Serves them right!

Narrator: Suddenly, there was a whistle, and Alfred emerged. He, like Thomas, had been repaired good as new again.

Alfred: Well, well, fancy seeing you, Molly. Long time, no see.

Sir Topham Hatt: Now, Alfred, for trying to destroy Sodor, I have decided not to buy you, and you are going back to the other railway, where you belong!

Alfred: {frowns} Humph. You haven't seen the last of me, Thomas! {puffs away} But I'll be back! And that's a promise!

Thomas: Unlikely.

Molly: {smiles} I love you, Thomas.

Thomas: {smiles} I love you, too, Molly.

{Molly kisses Thomas. Thomas throws up, but Molly doesn't mind.}

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