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Thomas the Trackmaster Movie Part 15: Epilogue

The happy ending of the movie- for reals this time!

Characters: (in order of appearance)

  • Molly
  • Thomas Jr.
  • May
  • Thomas
  • Hank
  • Sir Topham Hatt


Molly: ...and that's exactly what happened fifteen years ago.

{Shows that Molly is at Ffarqhuar sheds with her two children, May (age 7) and Thomas Jr. (age 6).}

Thomas Jr.: That was a great story mom.

May: Yeah, but what happened to you and daddy to get married?

Molly: Well, that's another story all together, but I'll tell you quickly. It occurred almost two years before you were born, May.

{The story quickly resumes}

Narrator: Six years had passed. The engines on Sodor resumed much of their regular duties, and they never heard from Alfred and Diesel 10 ever again. Molly was now a more braver engine, and James harassed her less often. No one bullied her, or even dared to. She, in fact, became the most popular girl on Sodor, she almost out popularized Emily. She learned to be a good leader, and enjoyed most of her six years after the Sodor terrorism. No one could replace the hole in her heart that Thomas had filled ten years ago. One cold December late-afternoon, a few days before Christmas, Molly was in the sidings looking at the lovely white snow fall from the sky.

Molly: The snow is so pretty this time of year.

{Thomas backs up next to her.}

Thomas: Happy holidays, Molly.

Hank: {chuffing up alongside} Hello, Thomas. Molly.

Thomas: Hello, Hank.

Molly: Thomas is really grateful for saving all of us from evil.

Thomas: Yes, I remember.

Hank: Well, I'd better get back to work. {puffs off}

Thomas: Molly...

Molly: Yes, Thomas?

Thomas: You said that, six years ago, we'd get married and even have a family. Well, I want that dream to come true for the both of us. {shows a shining 24 karat gold ring, one that Sodor miners had crafted for him} Molly, will you marry me?

Molly: {so happy} Yes! Yes, I will.

Thomas: Happy holidays, Molly.

Narrator: And the two did have a very, merry Christmas that year. Molly and Thomas would have a daughter May, two years later, and Thomas Jr. the next year.

Molly: And that's the whole story.

Thomas Jr. and May: Wow...

Thomas: {puffing in} You telling them the story of how I saved Sodor?

Molly: Yes.

Thomas: Ah, good memories.

May: Daddy, you must be very lucky to have mommy to love.

Thomas: Well, I don't really consider myself lucky, but I'm grateful to have your mother.

Molly: {giggling} Oh, you!

Thomas Jr.: My favorite part is when dad defeats Diesel 10, minus Alfred pushing him over the cliff. However, you gotta admit that was very action-packed.

May: My favorite part was when mommy's friends stand up to those meanie diesels. They really showed them what for.

Molly: I just love when Thomas returns to service on Sodor.

Thomas: It's such a beautiful thing, love is.

Thomas Jr.: Hopefully, I'll have an adventure of my own, just like you, mom and dad.

Thomas: That's a big dream, son, but maybe you should stick to shunting until you're older.

{Sir Topham Hatt walks up.}

Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas and Molly, it's time to help on the branchline. Percy and Stanley are bickering over who gets what trucks. Hurry, please!

May: Sounds like daddy's friends need some help.

Thomas Jr.: I guess we'll have to see what's going on.

Thomas: Well, looks like we'll have to bring them along.

Molly: Come on, Thomas Jr. and May, let's go meet aunt Emily and the others to see what's up.

{The two children engines follow their parents outside their small sheds and onto Elsbridge Station.}

Narrator: And so we come to the happy end of our story. But it's time for all of us to go home... just like Thomas.

Thomas: {whistles} Goodbye, everybody!


Fun Facts

  • The Thomas and Molly engagement is later used for episode 100.

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