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Thomas the Trackmaster Movie Part 3: Alfred and the Diesels' Scheme

Alfred and Diesel 10 make plans with Diesel, Arry, Bert, Splatter and Dodge. Mr. Matthews is knocked out, and will happen to the Sodor steam engines?

Characters: (in order of appearance)

  • Gordon
  • Spencer
  • Blue Other Railway Diesel
  • Thomas
  • Emily
  • Diesel
  • Iron Arry and Bert
  • Diesel 10
  • Splatter and Dodge
  • Alfred
  • Gerald Matthews
  • Henry
  • Percy
  • James
  • Edward
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Duck
  • Oliver
  • Molly


Narrator: The day dragged on, and the engines continued their hard work like clockwork. Just as dusk started to fall, the engines were now completing their final jobs of the day. Spencer, who had been pulling the express all day with Gordon, pulled into the station at Brendam docks. A long blue diesel with its front and rear ends painted yellow - including his face - was waiting here with some express coaches. This diesel, which was from England, was waiting to take over with all the passengers from Spencer's express, to take them to England. Brendam station was as far as Spencer would go. The passengers left Spencer's coaches, and boarded the diesel's.

Blue Diesel: You're looking grumpy this evening.

Spencer: {sighs} As you know, I'm the fastest engine of the North Western Railway! You don't even know about our range of LNER A4's!

Blue Diesel: So you keep reminding me.

Spencer: Yes, well, Sir Topham Hatt has gone to England now - and has chosen to travel in a little tank engine's coaches, and a helicopter – instead of me! Sodor's fastest and finest engine! It's an outrage! It's a disgrace! It's a-

Blue Diesel: Did you say that Sir Topham Hatt has gone to England?

Spencer: Yes.

Blue Diesel: For how long?

Spencer: A couple of days. Why?

Blue Diesel: Oh, no important reason. {mutters} I know someone who might like to know this.

Spencer: Who?

Narrator: But then, the guard's whistle blew, and the diesel quickly raced out of the station, leaving Spencer feeling suspicious.

Spencer: What was he talking about? Oh, well. That’s diesels for you. Now I'd better go to take these coaches back, and go to Knapford Sheds. The friend of Sir Topham Hatt's who's looking after us will be here soon. {leaves the station and blows his whistle}

Narrator: Later, as the final rays of daylight were dying down, Thomas and Emily were at the yards near Tidmouth. Thomas was taking on water and Emily was parked behind him, waiting to use the water tower after Thomas.

Emily: This is more like it. A nice quiet drink. No Diesel, which means no trouble. This is just per-

{Emily is interrupted by a diesel horn. Thomas and Emily know who it is.}

Thomas: You had to say it, didn't you?

Diesel: {rolling alongside Thomas and Emily} Going to the meeting where that friend of Sir Topham Hatt is going to tell you how he's going to scrap you all?

Thomas: I'm not going to waste my time with you! Just go away, Diesel!

Emily: And besides, Sir Topham Hatt's friend isn't going to scrap us. He's just going to know us!

Diesel: Well, he only needs to take one look at you to see how useless you are! {purrs away}

Emily: Why does Diesel have to pick on us?! Thomas: {smiles} Ignore him, Emily. Diesel is no good for anything. We, however, are really useful engines, and we must prove this while Sir Topham Hatt is away. Besides, I can think of two other diesel engines we've encountered, who are just as bad as Diesel. But I don't think we'll hear from them for a while. So just having Diesel is easy compared to if we had the other diesel as well.

{Meanwhile, in the scrapyards. Two diesels named Splatter and Dodge are watching Donald and Douglas take their loads from the scrapyards.}

Narrator: A little later, the sun had sunk completely, and darkness had fallen. A full moon light up the island of Sodor. Diesel was now entering a place where he loved to spend time; a large smelters yard. Remains of scrapped engines lay everywhere, and trucks of scrap where parked in the sidings. There was a large smelting shed here, where scrap was cut up and melted down. {Diesel stops by one of the sidings, where two other diesels were parked, painted dark gray, with the outside of their cabs painted yellow. On their front and rear ends, yellow and black hazard stripes are painted. On their sides, painted in white, reads "SODOR IRONWORKS". One of them has stubble, the other is cleanly shaven.}

Iron Arry: All right, Diesel? Have you heard Sir Topham Hatt as left Sodor?

Diesel: Yes, Arry, I know! I don't need reminding of everything everyone knows. Let's get to the point of why I've come to see you.

Iron Bert: Why have you then?

Diesel: I was just about to tell you, Bert. This is the perfect chance to get rid of those steam engines, once and for all!

Iron Arry: Need I remind you that you once tried to destroy Henry, and nearly succeeded and he was rebuilt? I knew he was a failed experiment!

Diesel: Sir Topham Hatt's not here now! All three of us are here now! We've the perfect chance to get rid of those steam engines! We’re fully capable of doing it! So the point is; what are we going to do?!

Diesel 10: I can answer that!

Narrator: Diesel, Arry and Bert jerked backwards in fright. Diesel 10 rolled up to them with two engines like Diesel, Arry and Bert. One of them was painted grey and purple, the other had grey and olive.

Diesel 10: We'll destroy all those puffballs, soon enough!

{Diesel, Arry and Bert smirk evilly.}

Diesel: Oh, yes! We'll destroy them, with the help of you!

Diesel 10: And my cronies Splodge!

Splatter: No, its Splatter.

Dodge: And Dodge.

Diesel 10: {yelling} I DON'T GOT TIME TO SAY BOTH NAMES!

Splatter and Dodge: Sorry.

Diesel 10: {smirking evilly} Anyway, destroying all those puffballs will be no problem for me. And we’re completely free to do it, now that that Fat Hatt has left the island for a while!

Iron Bert: How do you know Sir Topham Hatt's left Sodor?

Diesel 10: I've been spending all this time, hiding on the abandoned lines on the railway in England! I made a good friend there, who didn't tell anyone that I was there. He often goes back and forth to Sodor, and knows how much I want to destroy all the puffballs. Then, earlier today, he told me that he was taking an express from hear, and found out from one of those puffballs that the fat man has left Sodor. So I sneaked from England, making sure not to be seen, and came here!

Diesel: Good! Together we can destroy those steam engines!

Diesel 10: With a little help!

Narrator: Alfred the Holden B12 rolled up along side Diesel 10. The diesels were disappointed.

Diesel: A steamie?! What good is he for?

Alfred: I'm actually like you! Those puffballs will be scrap except me! It will be impossible for them to be rebuilt, and we'll destroy other means of transportation too! So they'll have no choice but to turn to us! So the first thing we have to do is get rid of the man taking over for Sir Topham Hatt!

Diesel 10: {growling} Our first step to taking over Sodor! But what I don't know, is if someone is covering for the fat man.

Diesel: Well, there is someone covering for Fatty. He's going to meet the steamies at Tidmouth Sheds.

Alfred: Is there a level crossing near here?

Diesel: Yeah, there's one if you go straight ahead and rejoin the main line. It’s actually the nearest way for road vehicles to go to Tidmouth sheds.

Diesel 10: All right! I hope we're not too late. But if we're not... {grins} ...then it's time to do the first phase: to take out the person covering for the fat man! {His claw opens and shuts manically.} This is a job - for the boss!

Diesel: And since when were you made boss of us?

Diesel 10: Since now! Now enough talking! I’ve got to go and take that man out! I may have already missed him!

Narrator: Diesel 10 raced quickly through the smelting shed and out of the yard, Alfred following.

Iron Bert: Getting rid of steam engines will be easier then we thought, now that Diesel 10 and Alfred are helping us.

Diesel: Yes, though I don't like the idea of Diesel 10 being boss of me! I am the rightful boss!

Iron Arry: {mutters} Yeah, whatever. As if we like you being boss of us.

Narrator: After leaving the smelters, Alfred and Diesel 10 heard the sound of a car approaching. They smirked evilly in the darkness. They knew it was who they was waiting for; no one else would be traveling on this road up to Tidmouth sheds this late at night. The car, a blue Jaguar, turned the corner in the road and made its way up to the crossing from the right side. Its driver, Gerald Matthews, was feeling tired, though excited. He was a man in his forties, with his black hair cut very short. He was on his way to begin a job he had been given; to run his good friend, Sir Topham Hatt's railway while he was in England. He was now going to meet the engines at the shed, though he didn’t he why he had to go so late at night. His wife wasn't happy about it. As Mr. Matthews was now starting to drive over the level crossing, that was when he was about to have the shock of his life. The Jaguar's front wheels had only just rolled over the right rail of the line, when suddenly, Diesel 10 appeared from around the corner he was hiding, and stopped by the car.

{Mr. Matthews, oblivious to the danger he's in, sees Diesel 10, and stops the car.}

Mr. Matthews: {smiling} Hello. Are you one of Sir Topham Hatt's engines?

{Diesel 10 says nothing. He grins evilly, raises his claw and snaps it open and shut}

Narrator: Mr. Matthews watched in confusion, but before he could do anything else, that was when the horror began. Diesel 10 smashed his claw into the roof of the car! The claw smashed through the metal, causing huge dents in the roof and smashed the windscreen to pieces. Matthews screamed in fright, and raised his hands in front of his face. Diesel 10 closed the claw, gripping hold of the car. Once he had a good hold of it, Diesel 10 raised his crane arm high, with the claw gripping hold of the car tight, and raising it high up, with Mr. Matthews inside it. Once Diesel 10 raised his crane arm as high as he could, he held the car in the air. The car was being held high up with its left side facing the ground.

{Mr. Matthews holds onto the steering wheel to stop himself falling.}

Mr. Matthews: {panicking} Help! Please put me down!

Diesel 10: As you wish!

Narrator: And with that, Diesel 10 quickly bought his claw down every fast. As soon as his crane arm hit the roof, he let go o the car, which bounced twice, with two sickening crashes, resulting in bits of metal flying off. Then the car landed on its tyres at the side of the line, and then there was complete silence. Inside, Matthews was lying still with his eyes closed and his head resting against the steering wheel, blood gushing out of a wound in his forehead.

{Alfred puffs alongside Diesel 10, smirking}

Alfred: Well, that's the first bit taken care of.

Diesel 10: And now, we'd better go attack those puffballs!

Narrator: With that, Diesel 10 and Alfred raced off to Tidmouth Sheds, leaving the damaged car and its unconscious driver all in the dark.

{Cut to Tidmouth Sheds, with Gordon, Henry, Emily, Thomas, Percy, James, Edward, Donald and Douglas, Duck, and Oliver inside.}

Narrator: Further away, at Tidmouth Sheds, the steam engines were waiting for Matthews to arrive, but they soon found it seemed he wasn’t coming.

Gordon: {annoyed} He must have forgotten us. How typical of Sir Topham Hatt to get someone without a good memory to forget us.

Emily: If that's the case, perhaps it's just as well he hasn't come. The diesels could trick him into scrapping us.

Edward: The bad diesels. Not all diesels are bad, need I remind you.

Emily: {moodily} Okay, bad diesels, whatever!

James: {sulkily} They’re all the same at the end of the day! They're the reason many steam engines are getting replaced.

Duck: But Sir Topham Hatt would never replace us with them.

Percy: {unhappily} But some are still mean to us steam engines and would love to scrap us!

Thomas: {trying to stop an argument} Well, Mr. Matthews hasn't arrived tonight, but maybe he'll arrive tomorrow. So let's get some sleep.

Narrator: The other engines saw sense in that, and they soon fell asleep, having no idea what happened to Mr. Matthews that night, and that it was done by the new engines.

{Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Duck, Donald and Douglas, Oliver and Emily are now asleep at Tidmouth Sheds. Outside Diesel 10 and Alfred slowly drive by and look at the metal framing for the sheds that the workmen left.}

Diesel 10: All right, Pinchy, my little bucket of badness! Time to feast yourself.

{Diesel 10 raises his claw and starts removing the metal frames blowing his horn to wake the other engines; Alfred blows his whistle.}

Diesel 10 and Alfred: {evil laughter}

Thomas: Cinders and ashes! Diesel 10 and Alfred!

Gordon: Oh no!

{Diesel 10 puts his claw back into place as Thomas looks at him.}

Diesel 10: Hello, puffballs!

Alfred: We got a plan, and you're not in it!

Thomas: Catch me if you can!

{Thomas blows steam at the villains.}

Diesel 10: That's the best you can do? Heh!

Thomas: You won't hurt my friends!

Alfred: You don’t have the brains to stop us.

Thomas: Yes, I do!

Diesel 10: No, you don’t.

{Thomas puffs forward to defend his friends}

Thomas: Leave me and my friends alone, or I'll have you lying in a scrap heap!

{Diesel 10, shocked at Thomas' threat, backs away.}

Diesel 10: Make the most of tonight, blue puffball, because you won’t like tomorrow!

Alfred: {backing away} Neither will those useless puffballs!

{When Diesel 10 and Alfred are gone, Thomas sighs.}

Emily: Thomas, that was very brave of you, but what were Alfred Diesel 10 talking about?

Thomas: I have a secret to tell you all. Back in the 1920's, Edward and I met an engine called Lady, before we met any of you. The two of us were firm friends. When Sodor was sold in 1948, she was hidden in a shed. Now I fear we have put Lady under the guillotine!

Percy: But, Thomas, without the lost engine we won't be really useful anymore.

Thomas: Don’t worry, I’ll solve the problem. You just go to sleep now.

Emily: Easy for you to say.

{Thomas closes his eyes again, as do the other engines. Thomas wakes up.}

Thomas: Sparkle, gold dust, magic, railway, buffers, lost engine.

{Percy wakes up and listens to Thomas panicking.}

Thomas: The family told me, as long as there is a railway, there will be harmony. As long as there is gold dust there will be energy. I will never have to worry. {Percy goes back to sleep} Yeah, right.

{Thomas' dream: Sodor is a ghost railway and only Molly is there.}

Molly: Thomas? Thomas? Why aren’t you here? Why can't you help us anymore on the Island of Sodor? The magic is all gone. {starts crying}

{Back at Tidmouth Sheds: Thomas wakes up suddenly.}

Thomas: What’s going wrong with our railway and why? We're in grave danger. I've got to help Lady!

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