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Thomas the Trackmaster Movie Part 4: Meet Lady

Alfred and Diesel 10 destroy Knapford Station, almost taking Edward with it. Alfred destroys Cecil, and we meet Lady, the Goddess of the Railway.

Characters: (in order of appearance)

  • Edward
  • Hank
  • Diesel 10
  • Alfred
  • Thomas
  • Boco
  • Molly
  • Rocky
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Henrietta and Victoria (do not speak)
  • Cecil
  • Stanley
  • Lady
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • James
  • Spencer
  • Duck
  • Oliver
  • Bill and Ben
  • Neville
  • Danni
  • Emily
  • Skarloey
  • Rheneas
  • Sir Handel
  • Peter Sam
  • Rusty
  • Duncan


{Cut to next morning. Edward is pulling a goods train to Knapford Station.}

Narrator: Next morning, Edward was taking a goods train to Knapford. What he didn't know, was that Alfred and Diesel 10 were planning their next scheme to destroy Sodor.

Diesel 10: Heh heh heh heh heh! When the old puffball comes by, the bomb will blow him up!

Alfred: Here he comes now. Hide!

{Alfred and Diesel 10 hide behind the station. Meanwhile, Thomas is looking for Edward.}

Narrator: Thomas knew things didn't add up. He went to the nearest station, and Boco, fortunately, was there.

Thomas: Boco, have you seen Edward?

{Edward approaches Knapford Station.}

Boco: Edward, I heard he's on his way to Knapford.

{Alfred and Diesel 10 back away from Knapford.}

Thomas: Oh, no! {puffs away}

Narrator: Thomas rushed away, much to Boco's surprise.

Boco: Thomas, where are you going?

Narrator: But as soon as he shouted it, Thomas was already out of earshot.

{Thomas approaches Knapford Station. Edward is going past the station.}

Thomas: Edward!

{Edward barely leaves the station, and then there's an explosion. Pitch black.}

Thomas: {off-screen} Noooo! No, God no!

{Thomas puffs to Knapford Station's remains. Edward is lying on his side, the trucks are in a mess, and Knapford Station blown up.}

Thomas: Edward, are you all right?

{Edward's eyes slowly open.}

Narrator: Edward was badly damaged. His body was scratched up badly, and his smokestack was bent down. His cab was severely damaged and his fire had gone out.

Edward: Wh... what h... happ... ened...?

Thomas: {to self} Thank goodness you're okay.

Narrator: Soon, Molly came by with Rocky the crane, along with Toby and Percy.

Rocky: Grinding gears! What happened to Edward?

Thomas: Knapford Station's been destroyed. Our number two is in a wreck.

Molly: Toby took Mr. Matthews to the hospital. Fortunately he'll live.

Percy: I took his car to the scrapyards, as it's beyond repair.

Rocky: Okay, Edward, we're taking you to the works now.

Narrator: Rocky lifted Edward onto a flatbed, and Molly took Edward to Crovan's Gate for repairs. Thomas thought about the explosion and what Percy and Molly had said to him for the rest of the day.

{Meanwhile, Alfred is puffing slowly on another part of the Island. He stops alongside an engine named Cecil.}

Cecil: You do know these stupid attempts may well have put our funnels under the guillotine!

Alfred: You ordered it, Cecil.

Cecil: I never once did say you going and destroy god-#$%! stations! You killed nearly twenty people from what I heard! You have been too cold-hearted. You kill innocent people, exactly the opposite of what I expected from you. You will be dealt with. You will be followed wherever you go. And any attempt of destroying anyone else will be the end of you.

Narrator: Alfred sneered at Cecil, and puffed away, to prepare his next scheme.

{Cut to Thomas pulling Annie and Clarabel to Elsbridge Station. He stops by Stanley, Percy, Toby and Molly, all in shock. We see why: Cecil's remains and fire trucks.}

Thomas: Oh, no, not Cecil!

Molly: Who's doing all this damage to Sodor?

Percy: It might be Diesel 10 and Alfred.

Toby: That's possible.

Thomas: Hmm.

{Thomas looks at Stanley. A thought bubble appears over him. His first thought is Diesel 10 and Alfred arriving.}

Alfred: Thank you very much.

{His second thought is Mr. Matthews' car, wrecked.}

{His third thought is the Tidmouth Sheds assault.}

Diesel 10: Hello, puffballs!

Alfred: We got a plan, and you're not in it!

[[{His fourth thought is the Knapford Station explosion.}]]

{Edward pulls a goods train out of Knapford, and then the explosion.}

{His final thought is Cecil. Thomas looks up.}

Cecil: What are you looking at?

{The thought bubble disappears.}

Thomas: {excited} I got it! It is Diesel 10 and Alfred trying to destroy us!

Stanley: Why are you smiling, Thomas? It's bad.

Thomas: No, see, I had to put the clues together. Toby, you took Mr. Matthews to the hospital, and Percy took his car to the scrapyards. Diesel 10 assaulted us last night, a bomb was placed underneath Knapford, and Alfred's destroyed Cecil so he wouldn't get into trouble!

Molly: Thomas! You're a genius! {frowns} But we need more information.

Thomas: Then Stanley and I know of this engine called Lady!

Percy, Toby, and Molly: {shocked} Lady?

Stanley: She worked with me, Thomas and Edward during Sodor's first twenty-five years! We'll show you!

{Thomas, Percy, Stanley, Toby and Molly puff away.}

Narrator: And so, Thomas and Stanley took Percy, Toby, and Molly to an old line of Sodor. They reached a station. To Percy, it looked like a ghost railway, no trains and no passengers. This made Percy worried.

Percy: Thomas, I'm scared! Can't we go back?

Thomas: Not until Stanley and I show you three a friend of ours.

Narrator: The engines reached an abandoned shed.

A voice: Hello?

Narrator: Percy gasped.

Percy: The voice came from the shed. But there's no trains on this line.

Narrator: Suddenly, the doors creaked open. And what went out into the open was a purple and gold tank engine. Despite her size, she was the most beautiful girl engine you could set your eyes on. Percy felt scared, then the engine smiled. It was a little, frightened smile, but it made the engine look friendly, making Percy less scared.

Thomas: Hello, Lady. It's been years.

Lady: Hello, Thomas old friend. You too, Stanley.

Stanley: Hello, Lady.

Thomas: Lady, these are my friends, Percy, Toby, and Molly.

Percy: {nervously} H-H-Hello.

Molly: Why are you here? Where have you been?

Lady: That's a long story. Do you like stories?

Percy: Yes. The little engines tell us stories all the time.

Lady: Then, I hope you will like mine. I came to Sodor a long time ago. I was one of the first steam engine on Sodor.

{Shows a flashback of Thomas, Stanley, and Lady working on the Mid-Sodor Line.}

Lady: {narrating} I arrived in the 1920's, with Thomas and Edward. Stanley arrived in the next decade. When I arrived, it didn't look at all like home.

Molly: {voice-over} What was Sodor like then?

Lady: {narrating} It was very quiet. I was one of the few engines on Sodor. They called me "Goddess of the Railway" here. I was very happy.

Percy: {voice-over} What happened to you?

Lady: {narrating} {sighs sadly} The railway was sold in 1946, after the Second World War. Stanley and I were withdrawn from service, and when Stanley was rescued from scrap, I was all alone, with no one to talk to.

{Cut back to present day.}

Lady: I'm sure I'll never be useful again.

Molly: We've got a problem right now - Diesel 10 and Alfred are destroying Sodor, and want to destroy you.

Lady: Oh, no! I must be kept out of harm's way.

Narrator: Percy, Toby, and Molly looked at their sad, new friend. They felt sorry for Lady.

Thomas: Don't worry, Lady. Sir Topham Hatt knows of you. He wouldn't scrap any useful steam engine. We will help you become "Goddess of the Railway" again!

Narrator: Lady smiled the biggest smile she had smiled in a long time.

Lady: Thank you, Thomas. Thank you for looking after me.

{Little Engines plays} Main line engines always boast how big they are,
Superior, by far,
But little engines toll away from dawn to dusk,
Without a fuss, or care.
Just because we're small
Doesn't mean we don't stand tall
And we pull our weight like all the others do.<br/. You'll be surprised in spite of our size,
Just what little engines can do!
Little engines, little engines,
Little engines can do the biggest things.
Little engines, little engines,
Little engines can do most anything!
They'll carry on until the work is over
They'll carry on to the end
They're the smallest in the station,
Don't underestimate them, they're not such little engines after all!
Bigger engines say, little engines play all day,
And we're not much use to anyone at all,
But we're strong enough, to deal with those trucks!
That's what little engines are for!
Little engines, little engines,
Little engines can do the biggest things.
Little engines, little engines,
Little engines can do most anything!
They'll carry on until the work is over
They'll carry on to the end
They're the smallest in the station,
Don't underestimate them, they're not such little engines after all!
Thomas, Percy, Bill and Ben,
You can rely on them, these little engines are the best!
Stepney, Duck, and Oliver
They give the trucks what for, you'll be so impressed!
Little engines, little engines,
Little engines can do the biggest things.
Little engines, little engines,
Little engines can do most anything!
They'll carry on until the work is over
They'll carry on to the end
They're the smallest in the station,
Don't underestimate them, cause they're not little engines after all!
They're our favorite little engines,
They're mighty little engines!
They're not such little engines after all...
They're not such little engines after all!
{song ends}

Fun Facts

Bill, Ben and Stepney Appear in the Music Video But not in any other Part.

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