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Thomas the Trackmaster Movie Part 5: Diesel 10 Strikes

Diesel 10 almost manages to destroy Danni, Neville, Oliver and Rosie. Who will be next?

Characters: (in order of appearance)

  • Diesel 10
  • Danni
  • Diesel
  • Neville
  • Molly
  • Rocky
  • Harvey
  • Rosie
  • Iron Arry and Bert
  • Alfred
  • Oliver
  • Henry
  • Bertie
  • Thomas
  • Percy


Narrator: Further away, Diesel 10 was following his line, having not run into any steam engines since last night. He was gritting his teeth in anger. Considering there were plenty of steam engines of this railway, he had not seen one today.

Diesel 10: A goods yard! And a large steel roof, held by four iron supports. I one of them should break, the roof would come down, crushing anything beneath it!

Narrator: Diesel 10 was tempted to grab on of the supports of the shed with his claw, and send it crashing down, but didn’t think it worth it, unless there was a steam engine beneath it. He also noticed a single workman standing in the yard, his back turned to him.

Diesel 10: Blast. I better leave before I'm spotted!

{Then a whistle sounds. A blue 4-2-2 tender engine with the number 26 on her cab and the letters NWR on her tender puffs slowly along the other line which ran along the other side of the goods shed, pulling a train of coal trucks. She pulls her train beyond the junction, and stops.}

Narrator: Diesel 10 watched as the workman switched the points, so that the line led back to the goods shed. Then he uncoupled Danni from the train of trucks and walked away, not noticing Diesel 10. Danni backed up and slowly pushed his trucks over the points, and into the goods shed. She didn't stop until she herself was under the steel roof. Since she was a little in front of Diesel 10, she had no idea she was right near the villainous diesel.

Danni: Phew! That was tiring work! I better rest for a while. There's time before my next train.

Diesel 10: I'm afraid not! You've pulled your last train, blue puffball!

Danni: Are you one of the new engines?

Narrator: Diesel 10 raised his claw, rotated it, so that it was on its side, and grabbed one of the supports of the shed. Then, he quickly ripped a piece of the support out. The other three supports wobbled unsteadily. Danni heard the sound of the support being ripped. Alarmed, she looked up, and saw the roof of the shed wobbling.


Narrator: Finding strength which she didn't realize she had a few moments ago, Danni raced quickly out of the shed and left the yard. The trucks, which were left in the shed, were not so lucky. The supports fell over and the shed roof tumbled down on top of them, with a loud crash, crushing them in the process.

Diesel 10: {angry} GRRRRR!!

{Diesel appears on the line of the other side of the wreckage, which Danni had been traveling on.}

Diesel: I saw everything. I take it you're cross now.

Diesel 10: Correction; I was cross, because I couldn't find any puffballs. Now – I’m furious! I find a puffball, and he or she only just escapes getting destroyed.

Diesel: Well don’t be furious just yet. That was only the first victim you encountered. You can always try again; though let’s start with a different steam engine. {grins evilly} And I know just the one. Meet me near the sidings by that large grass slope.

Narrator: And Diesel went along his line, while Diesel 10 went along his, making his way to wear Diesel had said they would carry out their next evil task. After following the line for some time – without running into any other steam engines – Diesel 10 arrived at a large railway yard, where Diesel was waiting.

Diesel: {rudely} So, you've finally arrived! I got here ages ago. What took you so long?

Diesel 10: I didn't take that long! Now stop with your stupid remarks, and get on with what you've brought us here for!

Diesel: You wait here, and I'll take a look to see if our target has arrived. If he or she has, I'll talk to him or her, then blow my horn to you. That's your signal to come and destroy. Got it?

Diesel 10: Got it!

Narrator: Diesel rounded the corned, traveled forward a little, and then stopped. There, he saw his target. It was Neville, parked in a siding with a goods train. Beyond the sidings was fence, on top of a grass slope, at the bottom of which was a brick wall. Neville was facing the buffers, exhausted. Diesel oiled alongside him.

Neville: What are you doing here, Diesel?

Diesel: Oh, nothing. Just bringing a good friend for you to say "Hi" to.

{Diesel blows his horn loud, then Diesel 10 rolls up on the line next to Neville, giving him his most evil grin. Neville gaps in shock.}

Neville: D-D-D-Diesel T-T-T-!

Diesel 10: That's right! I am Diesel 10! {raises claw and turns it to face Neville} And you are scrap! {snaps claw aggressively}

Narrator: Neville shuddered in fear, too frightened to move. But then suddenly, the trucks, just as frightened as he was, surged him forward. They pushed Neville out of the way of Diesel 10's claw quickly, and the brake van on the end of the train managed to get out of the way before Diesel 10 could grab it. Before the big diesel could retreat, he and Diesel watched in surprise as the trucks pushed Neville through the buffers which broke to pieces as he smashed through them!

{The trucks continue to push Neville through the fence, and then he rolls unstoppably down the slope and hits the wall with a sickening crash, bringing them to a stop.}

Narrator: The wall smashed and pieces of broken bricks flew around Neville. His black paint was badly scratched, and his front end was badly damaged. The trucks lay around him. Some of them had stayed on their wheels, but others had fallen onto their sides. The two diesels were still surprised; they didn’t realize it was the trucks who made Neville crash. From what they saw, it looked as if Neville had done it himself.

Diesel 10: Well, well, well! Looks like the Gothic puffball has lost his mind! All the same, I've still yet to destroy a puffball myself. And that's what I'm here for.

Diesel: Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go! {to Neville} See ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya! {He and Diesel 10 leave.}

Neville: Now what did you make me crash for?! I was in danger then. There was no time for your silly tricks!

Troublesome Truck #1: Well, that’s gratitude. We were not playing tricks on you! We just saved your tender! If we didn’t make you crash, Diesel 10 would have destroyed you.

Neville: {realizes} Oh, yes, so he would have. Oh, thank you all. Not only did you just save me from being scrap, but you've just proved that trucks are good, as well as troublesome after all.

Troublesome Truck #2: Hey, if Diesel 10 destroyed you, then you wouldn’t be around for us to play tricks on you.

Narrator: All the trucks proceeded to laugh at this comment, and Neville couldn't help but laugh too, despite being dented. Soon after, Molly steamed into the yard, pushing Rocky. Along with them was a crane engine named Harvey. Molly was puffing along the line Neville had crashed, but with Rocky in front of her, she couldn't see the siding with no buffers on top of the slope. Fortunately, Harvey did.

Harvey: Stop, Molly! That's far enough, or you'll be joining Neville down there!

Narrator: Molly stopped just in time. Rocky's front wheels were just on the edge of the end of the rails.

Molly: Thanks for the warning, Harvey. Neville?! Can you hear me?!

Neville: Yes, Molly! I can!

Molly: It's okay! I'm here with Rocky and Harvey!

Harvey: We'll get you back onto the rails in no time!

Narrator: Some workmen who had traveled with Harvey and Rocky took hold of the hook on Rocky's crane arm. Then, they walked carefully down the slope towards Neville, extending the chain out, as it unraveled from the cylinder on Rocky's crane arm. When they reached the bottom of the slope, they connected the hook to Neville's rear coupling.

{Rocky pulls his chain back in, and slowly pulling Neville back up the slope.}

Workman: You'll have to go to Crovan's Gate for repairs.

Narrator: As Molly left the yard to go on the nearest turntable, Rocky lifted Neville onto a flatbed that was parked in front of Harvey. When Molly returned, she was coupled to the flatbed carrying Neville, and pulled away, while Rocky and Harvey brought the trucks back up the slope. On the way to Crovan's Gate, Neville explained his mishap to Molly.

Molly: Oh, my! Diesel 10 and Alfred want to destroy me?

Neville: Yes. And it seems they'll destroy all steam engines except Alfred. Diesel 10 would have destroyed me too, if it weren’t for the trucks.

Narrator: When they reached the repairs shed of Crovan's Gate, Molly left Neville's flatbed next to the brick engine shed. The nearby shunter uncoupled her.

Molly: Bye, Neville. I'll tell Thomas about Diesel 10, and we'll make sure all steam engines are aware. I hope they don't find me first. {puffs away}

Neville: {worried} Goodbye Molly, and good luck. Don't let them catch you...

Narrator: As Molly puffed along, he approached Wellsworth station. A pink tank engine with red wheels was there.

Molly: Rosie! Have you heard! There is trouble on Sodor!

Rosie: What trouble?

{Suddenly, Arry buffers up behind Rosie, and Bert buffers up to in front of Rosie, trapping her.}

Molly: That, and I'm out of here! {puffs away}

Narrator: Not long afterward, Diesel 10 appeared next to Rosie, followed by Alfred and Diesel.

Diesel 10: {raising and snapping his claw} Oh, look, it's the cute little tank engine! Too weak to be of any use now!

Narrator: Despite being small, Rosie was fairly strong. Her sudden shot forward knocked Bert off the rails and lying on his side beside the track. Rosie puffed away as fast as she could. Diesel 10 angrily gave chase, leaving Alfred, Diesel, Arry and a derailed Bert.

Diesel 10: You may as well give up, puffball! In a few minutes you'll be my scrap!

Rosie: Help me, someone!

{They pass a signal box, and a junction joins Rosie's line from behind. Rosie slows down a little. Diesel 10 grins.}

Narrator: Then suddenly, the sound of a whistle blasted, which made the two engines jump. Oliver was traveling at a fast speed on the line which reached the junction which joined Rosie's line. The signalman quickly changed the points just in time, and Oliver safely sped onto Rosie's line behind her.

Oliver: {gasps} Diesel 10! And Rosie in trouble!

Narrator: Oliver sped up, until he was right behind Rosie, and pushed her down the line a great distance ahead of Diesel 10.

Diesel 10: Never mind that. I'll destroy the both of you!

Rosie: Hurry, Oliver! He's speeding up!

Oliver: You'll take to look out of me Rosie! I can't see, and if we crash, there will be nothing to stop him from destroying us boBold textth!

Narrator: They raced past a siding, where Henry was taking on water from the water tower. He watched the two engines race past in surprise, then let out a loud gasp as he saw Diesel 10 rocket by.

Henry: Diesel 10! He wants to destroy us!

{Oliver and Rosie race on, still a great distance in front of Diesel 10.}

Narrator: Up ahead was a level crossing without any gates. Bertie had just pulled up on the road, having here the engines coming. He watched as the two tank engines race by in fright.

Bertie: Where are Oliver and Rosie off to in such a hurry? {notices and gasps in shock} Diesel 10 wants to destroy them! {drives onto the line Diesel 10 is coming down and stops} This will stop him in his tracks for sure!

Narrator: But Bertie was wrong. Instead of slowing down, Diesel 10 sped up, an angry snarl on his face. As he was a few yards away from the level crossing...

Diesel 10: GET OUT OF MY WAY, BUS!!!

Narrator: Then, with a sudden crash, the giant diesel hit the small bus without stopping. Bertie cried out as he spun around on the spot. His passengers screamed as they held onto their seats. After spinning three times, Bertie tilted over and landed onto his right side with a sickening thud, as his side dented and his windows smashed. Further down the line, the chase was still going on. Up ahead was another signal box and junction on Oliver and Rosie's line, which led to a corner away from the other lines. But now, Diesel 10 had managed to catch up with them, and was nearly level with them.

Diesel 10: Say goodbye, puffballs. You're not going anywhere this time!

{The signalman quickly changes the points, and Oliver and Rosie change tracks and head down the line leading away from the one they were traveling on. Diesel 10 moves along down his line.}

Rosie: Oliver! You did great to save me!

Oliver: I know! I always said I had resource and sagacity! I just proved it by outrunning Diesel 10, which reminded me, why is he on-


Narrator: Up ahead was a set of buffers; they had been switched onto a siding. Oliver slammed on his brakes, but it was too late. He pushed Rosie into the buffers, which broke beneath their wheels.

{Rosie falls onto her left side and slides along the grass on her side before slowing to a stop. Oliver comes off onto the grass. He slides along on his wheels, and slows to a stop, before he falls onto his left side.}

Rosie: Well, Oliver, you may have made us crash. But you're a true hero; you saved both our lives. Thank you very much.

Narrator: Oliver's only response was a tired wheesh of steam. Later, they were at Crovan's Gate with Neville. Thomas, Percy and Molly went to see them.

Thomas: Things are just about to get worse as far as I'm concerned.

Percy: We lost three of our valuable members.

Neville: At least we weren't destroyed.

Molly: It's Alfred and Diesel 10 trying to destroy us all. Who knows what can happen later?

Thomas: I don't know.

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