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Thomas the Trackmaster Movie Part 8: The Steam Team Strikes Back

James and Dennis take on Splatter and Dodge and the conceited red engine and grumpy gray diesel find true love... sort of!

Characters: (in order of appearance)

  • Molly
  • Thomas
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Emily
  • James
  • Percy
  • Duck
  • Danni
  • Diesel
  • Iron Arry and Bert
  • Toby
  • Stanley
  • Lady
  • Dennis
  • Splatter and Dodge
  • Daisy
  • Mavis


Narrator: Molly reached Tidmouth Sheds, and blew her whistle loudly.

Molly: Everybody wake up! I need your help!

Thomas: {waking up} Molly? What the hell are you doing here, and where were you?

Molly: I was hiding in a shed from Diesel 10 and Alfred. They're trying to destroy us all!

Narrator: The engines were horrified!

Thomas: No they won't! I have a plan- make that a few plans. Henry, Gordon, Donald and Douglas will trap Diesel, Arry and Bert at the garbage pits.

Henry: Does that mean-

Thomas: Yes. Whiff will keep an eye on them. Emily and Danni will be bait.

Emily: No way, man!

Thomas: Would you do it for a passenger run?

Emily: I'm in!

Thomas: James, you and Dennis will chase down Splatter and Dodge from Daisy and Mavis.

James: Great. Working with a diesel and rescuing two diesels.

Thomas: Percy, Molly and I - with help from Toby, Stanley and Lady - will face off Diesel 10 and Alfred.

Duck: What can I do?

Thomas: You bring Rocky the crane.

Narrator: Everyone thought they were very good ideas. Next morning, Emily and Danni were on their way to the garbage pits. Diesel, Arry and Bert saw them pass by.

Diesel: Hey, guys. Those two girls are going somewhere. Let's follow them!

Iron Arry: Okay!

Narrator: What they didn't know was that Emily and Danni were playing a trick on them.

Danni: I think it's working!

Emily: They've been seduced by the two most beautiful engines - us!

Narrator: Meanwhile, Thomas, Percy, Stanley, Toby and Molly arrived at Lady's shed, and told her about the plans.

Lady: I'd love to go with you, but I've no coal and water left.

Stanley: We'll take you to the coaling plant. We'll fill you up with coal and water there, and arrange what we can do from there.

Narrator: So, Thomas and Stanley took Lady to the coaling plant, with Percy, Toby and Molly following. Thomas was worried when he thought Diesel 10, it would be his last journey. Percy, Toby and Stanley were fearing that Diesel 10 would turn their best friend into scrap. Molly worried most of all. She was concerned she and Thomas both might be scrapped. It was half an hour past noon as the six engines arrived at the coaling plant. Lady was refueled and cleaned, and steaming once more.

Lady: Thank you for making me really useful again. I owe you one, Thomas.

Thomas: No problem at all, Lady. I wonder how the other engines are getting on.

Narrator: Meanwhile, James and Dennis - a gray diesel with six wheels - found Splatter and Dodge in a siding each. Splatter had Mavis trapped between himself and the buffers, and Dodge doing the same to Daisy.

Dodge: Hey, Splatter, we got the female diesels.

Splatter: Won't Diesel 10 be happy?

Narrator: Suddenly, James blew his whistle and Dennis his horn. James banged Dodge and Dennis whooshed towards Splatter, and reversed out of the sidings.

Splatter: We'll be back for you!

{Splatter and Dodge chase James and Dennis backwards.}

James: I can't believe we jumped into save two diesels!

Dennis: Me neither, but at least they were female diesels! So we had to help them!

Dodge: And now, we're going to destroy you! {He and Splatter go faster.}

{James and Dennis reverse faster, with a moving gap between them, Splatter and Dodge.}

Narrator: Just then, they raced towards a signal box and a junction that was on Dennis and Splatter's line. The points were set to go straight on up the line. The other line led to a siding where some box vans were parked. The signalman looked out of the window, and was a bit puzzled at the four engines traveling together, two on each line. Thinking it was all a mistake, he waited until Dennis passed the points, then he switched them so that they led into the siding.

Splatter: What the-? OH, RUDDY HELL!!!

{Splatter crashes into the box vans, and Splatter falls onto his side, and a tree lands on Splatter, crushing him.}

Narrator: James couldn't rest. Dodge - not caring about Splatter - continued to chase James down his line. Dennis stopped to catch his breath, but Dodge didn't see him. James and Dodge approached another junction, but it was set to go down another line instead of straight. James reversed across the points and down the other line and Dodge gave chase.

James: {panting} I must stop... {reverses around a corner as Dodge disappears from sight} Phew...


Narrator: Suddenly, James stopped as he felt something against his rear buffers. Then, to his horror, he realized he had reached a dead end. Then, looking around, he realized where he was. He was high above the tip, where trucks of ore were taken, and their loads were dumped down the hillside. Then all of a sudden, Dodge appeared from around the corner, and grinned sinisterly. James was trapped.

James: Trapped like a rat!

Dodge: I'm gonna enjoy destroying you. By the time I’m finished with you, you'll be nothing but a pile of rusty red scrap iron!

{James watches helplessly as Dodge moves towards him.}

Narrator: Suddenly, the part of the track Dodge was on tilted on the slope.

Dodge: {cries out in terror} What? Oh, no! {falls} Oh, god this is gonna hurt. HELP!!!

Narrator: Dodge rolled cab over wheels down the slope, and landed onto some rocks, shattering to pieces on impact.

James: That was close... {sees Daisy coming} Oh no! Another diesel!

{Daisy comes into view, smiling.}

Daisy: Are you all right, James? You were very brave, James. Thanks for saving me.

James: {smiles} I'm sorry I said rude things about you the other day. It wasn't right.

Narrator: The two engines went back down the line. They came back to the points where Dennis and Mavis were.

Dennis: You all right, James?

James: Yes! We just out-smarted the late Splatter and Dodge!

{They see the tree on top of Splatter's remains.}

Mavis: And Dennis, thank you so much for saving me! I appreciate it!

Dennis: Hey, don't worry about it! I know you're a little inexperienced - but then again - so am I!

Fun Facts

  • Last appearance of Splatter and Dodge in the movie.
  • First appearance of the James/Daisy and Dennis/Mavis shippings.

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