The Fat Controller sends Thomas and Toby to the mainland for being Really Useful Engines. Henry, Gordon, James, Pip, Emma and Duck say goodbye to them. Percy is so sad that he cannot say goodbye to Thomas because he is at the works with a bent buffer beam. On the way to the mainland Thomas and Toby were inside the boat because it had a roof. Toby's driver tell Thomas and Toby a story.

The next morning when they get there. They see engines everywhere. Suddenly they see two engines who are nice and friendly. They are called Puff and Chuff. At the back of them, they have 3 hooks. The two engines show Thomas and Toby around the mainland. Thomas says that we should get to work. Toby likes the jobs on the mainland, but Puff and Chuff like showing Thomas and Toby around rather than working. So Puff and Chuff show Thomas and Toby the Green Tunnel. Thomas says again "We should really get to work." Puff and Chuff get a little cross with Thomas for saying that we should get to work. But then in the tunnel trouble comes. While Toby was pulling the trucks, the trucks biffed him and Toby comes off the rails. Toby, Puff and Chuff is ahead of him, and Toby is left behind. Then the Mainland Controller gets cross with Puff and Chuff for showing Thomas and Toby around. Thomas sees an old rusty crane and tells the Mainland Controller that they should use it. The Mainland Controller is not sure, but he agrees. Soon Puff and Chuff rescue Toby back on the rails. His buffer beam is dented.

Soon Thomas, Toby, Puff and Chuff get to work. Thomas and Toby stay there for several days. On Sunday, they go the mainland docks to come home to the Island of Sodor. Puff and Chuff and Mainland Controller say goodbye to Thomas and Toby and thank them for being really useful engines.

When they get home all the engines gather around at Knapford Station. Thomas and Toby gets trophy board on front of them. Thomas and Toby has another reward. They are going to another country, Wales. Thomas and Toby are really useful engines.








PERCY ** does not speak.

HENRY ** does not speak.

GORDON ** does not speak.

JAMES ** does not speak.

DUCK ** does not speak.

PIP ** does not speak.

EMMA ** does not speak.

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