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James the Red Engine as Tony Stark Iron Man , Iron Man and James are both red BoCo the Metropilitian Vickers Diesel as Thor , Thor and BoCo are both strong Duck the Great Western Engine as Steve Rogers Captain America Gordon the Big engine as Tom McLoughlin Incredible Hulk Tom and Gordon are both arrogaint and Important Sir Handel as Hawkeye Clint Barton Bear as Theseus Flying Scotsman as Eugene McLoughlin Spencer as Sir Topham Hatt Sir Topham Hatt as Nick Fury Hector as Hulk Edward the blue engine as Bruce Banner Bertie the Bus as Black Panther T Challa Molly as Ms Marvel Troublesome Trucks as Chitauri soldiers and Levathains Daisy the Diesel Railcar as Amora the Enchantress Derek the Diesel engine as Sir Topham Hatt,s Butler Oliver the Great Western Engine as Bucky Barnes Bulgy the Bus as Skurge the Excutioner Rosie the Lavender Engine as Janet Van Dyne the Wasp Old Stuck Up as Baron Zemo Green Arrow as Malachy Creegon Passengers as the people and civilians Stationmaster as Jarvis Arry as Wrecker Bert as Bulldozer Guards and Stationmaster,s as S.H.I.E.L.D Agents Lorry 1 as Piledriver Lorry 2 as Thunderbolt Devious Diesel as Murray Whooley Lillie from Tugs as Pepper Potts Isabella as Jane Foster Diesel 10 as Clayton Rooney Klaw Lady as Lady Jane Hatt The Diesel as Ultron Duncan as Hank Pym Brewster as Surtur the Fire Demon Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry as Maria Hill P.T. Boomer as Red Skull Donald and Douglas as War Machine Rhodey Bill as Jamie Staution Ben as Donal Brennan Murdoch as Thing Ben Grimm more coming soon .

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