Thomas vs Devious Diesel and Spencer

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Thomas vs Devious Diesel and Spencer is a Episode from Thomas the Bachmann HO Scale Engine and Friends.


  • Thomas
  • Gordon
  • Duck
  • Molly
  • Bertie
  • Diesel
  • Spencer
  • Zebedee
  • James (Does Not Speak)
  • Percy (Cameo)
  • Oliver (Cameo)


  • Narroter: It is a busy day on the Island of Sodor and Thomas is running his branch line one day he met Gordon
  • Thomas: Hello Gordon I'm At A Railroad
  • Gordon: Hufh You Always Be Late Still
  • Narroter: Just Then Devious Diesel and Spencer arrived
  • Thomas: Gordon I Must Find Bertie to catch them
  • Narroter: And Thomas Puffed Away as Fast as he could later he saw Bertie
  • Bertie: Thomas I know Devious Diesel only hates Steam Engines like Diesel 10
  • Thomas: Yes He Does
  • Narroter: So Thomas and Bertie went off and out to catch Diesel and Spencer
  • Thomas: I'll Get You Diesel
  • Diesel: Oh No I'll Run for my Life with Spencer
  • Thomas: Bertie Get Devious Diesel and Spencer Quickly
  • Bertie: Okay Thomas
  • Narroter: So Thomas and Bertie went off and chace Diesel and Spencer
  • Molly: Where are they going
  • Gordon: Thomas Come Back Here
  • Narroter: Thomas Never Run Away from Big Engines so he and Bertie have to catch Diesel and Spencer as fast as they could
  • Thomas: Listen Bertie I Wan't to see An Engine chaces
  • Diesel and Spencer raced away to the next junction and Bertie was getting tired and tired and he can chace Diesel and Spencer as they could and Diesel and Spencer disaperd to the other junction
  • Thomas: Bertie We Missed
  • Diesel and Spencer disaperd to another junction and Thomas and Bertie were getting very tired
  • Diesel: He Can't Do This to us this time
  • Spencer: Oh No He Can't
  • Diesel: Okay sighs There's A Red Engine named James Spencer Push Him
  • Spencer: Okay Diesel
  • Narroter: Diesel and Spencer pushed James off the edge and James landed on Zebedee
  • Diesel: HA HA You're Off the edge
  • Spencer: Big Red Baddie
  • James was cross and his face is red as his boiler
  • Zebedee: I Can Take You To The Zero Dock
  • Narroter: Poor James was on Zebedee and Now Zebedee is taking James to the Zero Dock
  • Thomas: Duck
  • Duck: Thomas
  • Thomas: Diesel and Spencer have pushed James off the edge and now it's up to us to save him
  • Narroter: Soon Duck and Thomas might have to save James and put him back on the tracks Poor James is in The Zero Dock with All The Zero Stacks
  • Zebedee: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA You're Stuck with Big Mickey
  • Narroter: James was Angry again at Zebedee
  • Thomas: James I'm Ready To Save You
  • Narroter: Thomas pulled James off the water with his mighty heave and ho and James was back on the tracks Poor James was dirty
  • Thomas: I Saved You James
  • Diesel: Oh No He Pulled James off the Water we must push him again
  • Spencer: Okay Get Him
  • Duck: Thomas RUN FOR IT
  • Thomas: Ok
  • Narroter: Soon Thomas and Duck carried James on the flatbed and Diesel and Spencer catch up to Them
  • Thomas: Quick Duck Let's Go To The First Junction
  • Narroter: Thomas and Duck carried James on the First Junction and Diesel and Spencer went on the wrong junction
  • Diesel: OH NO
  • CRASH Poor Diesel and Spencer are in the Farmhouse and Then A Evil Chicken Came to See Diesel and Spencer
  • Evil Chicken: Grows
  • Diesel: Spencer I know what it is
  • Spencer: What
  • Spencer: What Do You Know
  • Diesel and Spencer sreamed away and they raced away home to the Shed
  • Gordon: Well Done Thomas and Duck You're Savid James and Now James can go back to his own yard
  • Molly: Oh Thomas We're So Glaid You're Stopped Diesel and Spencer
  • Bertie: Thank You Thomas
  • Gordon: That's It Diesel and Spencer you can be in sodor jail with Duck
  • Duck: Yes One Engine Coming Up
  • Gordon: Oh
  • Diesel and Spencer: Uaw
  • Duck: You Two are Under a Rest
  • Thomas: I Am A Really Useful Engine and I Never Have Fun with Diesel again
  • Gordon: Now Diesel and Spencer are at the sodor jail
  • Narroter: So Thomas was a happy engine The End


  • Thomas's Train
  • Whale of a Tale from Dennis the Menace

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