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About me

I am 15 and I like Scooby Doo, Thomas, Sonic, TUGS, Garfield and many other shows.

My TUGS/Thomas Parody cast:

  • Ten Cents as Thomas
  • OJ as Edward (OJ and Edward are both old)
  • Big Mac as Henry (Big Mac and Henry are both large and strong)
  • Warrior as Gordon (Warrior and Gordon are both big and clumsy)
  • Billy Shoepack as James
  • Sunshine as Percy
  • Grampus as Toby
  • Puffa as Duck
  • Frank as Donald
  • Eddie as Douglas
  • The Goods Engine as Oliver
  • Sally Seaplane as Emily
  • Hercules as Murdoch
  • Captain Star as The Fat Controller
  • Zorron as Diesel (Zorron and Diesel are both evil)
  • Zebedee as Arry
  • Zak as Bert
  • Johnny Cuba as Diesel 10
  • Jack as Pichy
  • Zug as Dodge
  • Zip as Splatter
  • Captain Zero as The Barber
  • Fire Tug as Boco
  • Burke as Bill
  • Blair as Ben
  • The barges and the Shrimpers as The troublesome trucks
  • Lillie Lightship as Mavis
  • Nantucket as The Queen Of Sodor Boat
  • Stepney as Stepney
  • Sea Rogue as Salty
  • Sea Rogue's Uncle as Duke
  • The Fulton Ferry as Bertie
  • Lord Stinker as Hector
  • Francine and Eleonor (My Made-up Female Twin Railway Barges) as Annie and Clarabel
  • Top Hat as Spencer
  • Bluenose as George
  • Izzy Gomez as Dennis
  • Mighty Moe as Rocky
  • Big Mickey as Cranky
  • Gremlin as himself
  • The Fat Controller's Cat as himself
  • Little Ditcher as Harvey
  • Boomer as Neville
  • Scuttlebutt Pete as Butch
  • Krakatoa as Boulder
  • Ghost Tugs as Chinese Dragon and Ghost Engine
  • Garbage Depot Manager as Tom Tipper
  • Workman as The Quarry Master
  • Old Rusty as Hiro

Special Guests from Theodore Tugboat

  • Theodore as Skarloey
  • Hank as Rheneas
  • George as Sir Handel
  • Foduck as Peter Sam
  • Beddeck as Rusty
  • Guysborough as Duncan
  • Norththumberland as Duke
  • Beford as Freddie
  • The Ferry Twins as Mighty Mac
  • Snorri as Spiteful Brakevan
  • Carla as Daisy
  • Emily as Rosie
  • Sigrid as Molly
  • Dorothy as Old Slow Coach
  • Barrington as Toad
  • Stuwieack as Hank
  • Pugwash as Flora
  • Oliver as Bulgy
  • Bobby as Scruffey
  • Isabel as Lady
  • Bayswater as Terence
  • Annapolis as Fergus
  • Rebecca as Elizabeth
  • Blankton as Victor
  • Clayton as Kevin
  • Constance as Madge
  • Scally as Billy
  • Truro as Stanley

My Thomas/TUGS Parody cast:

  • Thomas as Ten Cents
  • Henry as Big Mac (Henry and Big Mac are both big and strong)
  • Edward as OJ (Edward and OJ are both old)
  • Spencer as Top Hat (Spencer and Top Hat are both arrogant)
  • Gordon as Warrior (Gordon and Warrior are both kind and clumsy)
  • Murdoch as Hercules (Edward can't be Hercules because Hercules is Big and Edward is not)
  • Percy as Sunshine
  • The Fat Controller as Captain Star
  • Diesel as Zorran (Diesel and Zorron are both evil)
  • Arry as Zebedee
  • Bert as Zak
  • Dodge as Zug
  • Splatter as Zip
  • Captain Zero as Captain Zero
  • Toby as Grampus
  • Mavis as Lillie Lightship (Mavis is friends with Steamies and Diesels just as Lillie is friends with Star Tugs and Z-Stacks)
  • Emily as Sally Seaplane (DO NOT EDIT!)
  • James as Billy Shoepack
  • George as Bluenose
  • Duck as Puffa
  • Donald as Frank
  • Douglas as Eddie
  • Oliver as The Goods Engine
  • Salty as Sea Rogue
  • Dennis as Izzy Gomez
  • Duke as Sea Rogue's Uncle
  • Boco as Fire Tug
  • Bill as Burke
  • Ben as Blair
  • Diesel 10 as Johnny Cuba
  • Pichy as Jack
  • Arthur as The Coast Gaurd
  • Fergus as The Messanger
  • Neville as Boomer
  • Max and Monty as Pirates
  • D261 as Nantucket
  • Hiro as Old Rusty
  • Old Slow Coach as Pearl
  • Trucks as Shrimpers
  • Cranky as Big Mickey
  • Rocky as Mighty Moe
  • Harvey as Little Ditcher
  • Butch as Scuttlebutt
  • Boulder as Krakatoa
  • Chinese Dragon, Ghost Percy, Flour Covered Thomas and Ghost Engine as the Ghost Tugs
  • Tom Tipper as Garbage Depot Manager
  • The Quarry Master as Workman
  • Lady as The Princess Alice
  • Hector as Lord Stinker
  • Workman as The Quarry Master
  • The Fuel Depot as Itself
  • Bertie as The Fultan Ferry

My Thomas/Family Guy Parody cast

  • Thomas as Peter
  • Emily as Lois
  • James as Brian (James and Brian are both vain)
  • Diesel as Stewie
  • Duck as Chris
  • Rosie as Meg
  • Stepney as Quagmire
  • BoCo as Cleveland
  • Toby as Joe

My Thomas/Super Mario Bros Parody cast

  • Thomas as Mario
  • Edward as Luigi (Thomas and Edward are both friends just like Mario and Luigi)
  • Percy as Yoshi (Percy and Yoshi are both green and small)
  • Emily as Peach
  • Daisy as Daisy
  • Sir Handel as Toad
  • James as Wario
  • Diesel as Waluigi
  • Spencer as Bowser (Spencer and Bowser are both bossy, and want to rule the world)
  • Duncan as Bowser Jr
  • Duck as Toadsworth

My Thomas/South Park Parody cast

  • Duck as Stan
  • Edward as Kyle
  • James as Cartman
  • Duncan as Kenny
  • Diesel as Butters
  • Sir Handel as Chef (Sir Handel and Chef both have their same voices)
  • Edward as Mr. Garrison
  • Molly as Wendy
  • Thomas and Emily as Mr. and Mrs. Marsh
  • Toby and Isobella as Mr. and Mrs. Broflovski
  • Daisy as Mrs. Cartman
  • Gordon and Elizabeth as Mr. and Mrs. McCormick
  • Oliver and Mavis as Mr. and Mrs. Stotch

My contributions

  • Edits I've made

My mini-wiki

  • No mini-wiki

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