• Jane Foster as Darkwing Duck
  • Thor as Gosalyn
  • Loki as Morgana
  • Heimdall as Megavolt
  • Malekth as Liquidator
  • Volstagg as Bushroot
  • Hogun as Negaduck
  • Kurse as Quackerjack
  • Sif as Honker
  • Odin as Stegmutt
  • Fandral as Gizmoduck
  • Darcy as Taurus Bluba
  • Erik as Neptuia
  • Kemper as Tank
  • Frigga as Steelbeak
  • Kronans as J.Gander Hooter
  • Einherjar Captain as Camile
  • Dark Elves as Splatter Phoenix
  • Asgardians as Launchpad McQuack
  • Tyr as Dr.Sarah Bellum
  • Frost Giant as Tuskermini
  • Warriors Three as Darkwarror Duck
  • Richard as Ammonia Pine 
  • Bus as Phineas Sharp
  • Thor and Jane as Hammerhead
  • Laufey as Jambalaya Jake
  • Phil as Bianca Beakley
  • Isabel Alvarez as Isis
  • Nick Fury as Tantalus
  • Stan Lee's as Paddywhack
  • Hawkeye as Comet Guy
  • The Collector as Moloculo
  • Agent Sitwell as Professor Waddlemeyer
  • Pet Store Clerk as Major Synapse
  • John as Liquidator's Girls
  • Frost Giant as Professor Moliarty
  • All Father as Vladimir
  • Badoon as Eek and Squeak
  • Surtur as Herb
  • Ymir as The Friendly Four
  • Asgard as St Canard
  • Alan Taylor as Evil Gosalyn
  • Student as Dr.Slug
  • Gale Hawthorne as Magica De Spell
  • Einherjar Guard as Ordinary Guy
  • Einherjar Brother as Yucky Duck
  • Sigyn as Drake Mallard
  • Townie as Whiffle Boy
  • Pete as Binkie
  • Viking Mother as Rubber Chicken
  • Eir as Quiverwing Quack
  • Nurse as Scrooge McDuck
  • The Destroyer as Beelzebub
  • Hela as Dr.Fossil
  • Marauder as The Brainteasers
  • Phone Operator as Ample Grime
  • Bor as Nodoff

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