• Jane as Amy
  • Thor as Nibbler
  • Loki as Bender
  • Heimdall as Fry
  • Malekth as Leela
  • Volstagg as Zoidberg
  • Hogun as Robot Devil
  • Kurse as Kif
  • Odin as Professor Farnsworth
  • Sif as Hypnotoad
  • Darcy as Zapp
  • Fandral as Hermes
  • Erik as Michelle
  • Kemper as LaBarbara
  • Frigga as Mom
  • Kronans as Scruffy
  • Einherjar Captain as Linda
  • Dark Elves as Morbo
  • Asgardians as Inger
  • Tyr as Calcutron
  • Frost Giant as Leo
  • Warriors Three as Lrrr
  • Richard as Countless De la Roca
  • Bus as Colleen O'Hallahan 
  • Thor and Jane as Roberto
  • Laufey as Donbot
  • Phil as Richard Nixon
  • Isabel Alvarez as Sally
  • Nick Fury as Dr.Cahill
  • Stan Lee's as Hedonismbot
  • Hawkeye as Robot Santa Claus
  • The Collector as Edna
  • Agent Sitwell as Mrs.Pac-Man
  • Pet Store Clerk as Mario
  • John as The Planet Express Ship
  • Frost Giant #1 as Walt
  • All Father as Bev
  • Badoon as Wiched Witch
  • Surtur as Nudar
  • Ymir as Larry
  • Asgard as New New York
  • Alan Taylor as Alcazar
  • Student as The Amazon Women
  • Gale Hawthorne as Inez 
  • Einherjar Guard as Lars
  • Einherjar Brother as The Clamps
  • Sigyn as Frida Waterfall
  • Townie as Melllvar
  • Pete as Swamp Hag
  • Viking Mother as Mildred Fry
  • Eir as Melllvar's Mother 
  • Nurse as Japanese Toilet
  • The Destroyer as Sandy
  • Hela as Candy
  • Marauder as Mrs. Fry
  • Phone Operator as Lisa
  • Bor as Bender's Mom

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