Thorn Valley Chronicles (also known as The Chronicles of Thorn Valley) is an animated action adventure fantasy comedy-drama crossover television series. It follows the adventures of Mrs. Brisby her friends and family. In the series - The evil Jenner was revived from the magic of the red stone amulet that Mrs. Brisby used to save her children. He schemed to have his revenge on Justin and invade Thorn Valley. To do so - Jenner joined up with his followers to battle their foes. It was up to Mrs. Brisby to save the forest. She also joined up with new friends such as Tom and Jerry to prevent Jenner and Ratigan from invading the valley. Brisby's mother Bianca forced her daughter to become queen. But in the series finale - She changed her ways.


  • Mrs. Elizabeth J. Brisby
  • Timothy Q. Mouse
  • Bernard
  • Miss Bianca
  • Justin
  • Timmy Brisby
  • Mr. Ages
  • Martin
  • Teresa
  • Cynthia
  • Baloo
  • King Louie
  • Basil
  • Dawson
  • Toby


Feature Films

  • The Grand Adventure - A Musical Film takes place about ten years before Timothy Q. Mouse gets his job in Thorn Valley. Timothy once served as the right-hand man to Mewsette (Tom Cat's mother).

  • The Grand Adventure 2 - The sequel centers on Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse as they team up to save the life of a vixen named Sharpears. They encountered and befriended the heroic dog Scooby Doo.

Sequels and Prequel

The first sequel series called Scooby Chronicles takes place after Thorn Valley Chronicles. It follows the story of Scooby Doo's relationship with his new friends (A fox named Tod - a hound dog named Copper and a vixen named Vixey who is Sharpears's daughter).

A prequel series called Rescuers Chronicles takes place thirty four years before Thorn Valley Chronicles. It follows the backstory of when Bernard and Miss Bianca were engaged. Since they became the parents of Timothy Q. Mouse and Elizabeth Jennifer Brisby - The mice went on a series of adventures.

The second sequel series called The Fox and The Hound Chronicles (also titled The Adventures of The Fox and The Hound) takes place after Scooby Chronicles. Teresa (Mrs. Brisby's daughter) and Jonathan Brisby Junior (Brisby's new son) encountered and befriended Tod and Copper. Tod and Copper reunite with each other only to realize that their girls (Vixey and Aleu) used to be best friends like them.

A miniseries called The Adventures of Bianca and Brisby takes place before The Fox and The Hound Chronicles. Bernard and Bianca tell Mrs. Brisby's children stories about their first adventures with their daughter and when Bianca used to be friends with Ratigan until she met Bernard. Timothy became best friends with Basil of Baker Street. As for Teresa. She became princess and future queen of Thorn Valley.


A reboot film called Valley Princess follows a story of Miss Bianca and her family's adventures and relationship with their friends. It also served as a musical.

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