Those Forgotten Memories is a The New Adventures of Lara Laramie episode.


  • Temacu is watching a Code Geass episode about Shirley Fenette in her normal clothes. She starts to think of wearing a pink blouse, a white miniskirt with a black belt and black high heeled pumps then she gets it. So, she takes off her clothes, puts on her nude tights and puts on Shirley Fenette's normal clothes. Then, she puts on the black high heeled pumps. Afterwards, she looks sexy in Shirley Fenette's normal clothes, complete with nude tights under her white miniskirt. She decides to take a nap, so she takes off her high heeled pumps and sleeps on her bed. Meanwhile, Thug Piglet takes away the black high heeled pumps. And Temacu gives chase to him. This is the only episode where Lara, Miki, Larita, Miss Priscilla, Thug Pooh and Thug Tigger don't appear.


  1. Temacu
  2. Thug Piglet
  3. Lara (absent)
  4. Miki (absent)
  5. Larita (absent)
  6. Miss Priscilla (absent)
  7. Thug Pooh (absent)
  8. Thug Tigger (absent)
  9. Charmaine (cameo)
  10. Marina (cameo)
  11. Ramona (cameo)
  12. Cassandra (cameo)


Part 1

  • (we see Temacu watching a Code Geass episode)
  • Shirley Fenette: Lelouch, i'm so glad you're with me again.
  • Lelouch: No problem, Shirley.
  • Temacu: I wish i wanted to wear Shirley Fenette's clothes.
  • Shirley Fenette: Can you walk with me?
  • Lelouch: Sure did.
  • (Lelouch and Shirley Fenette walk into the sunset as the Code Geass episode ends.)
  • Temacu: Hmm, I wonder if i wear her clothes? Let's see a pink blouse, a white miniskirt with a black belt and black high heeled pumps. I got it! I better take off my normal clothes and put on Shirley Fenette's, with nude tights as a bonus.
  • (Temacu removes her normal clothes, puts on her nude tights and puts on Shirley Fenette's clothes and the high heeled pumps.)
  • Temacu: Ta da! How do i look, Mr. Fluffles?
  • (Mr. Fluffles doesn't say nothing.)
  • Temacu: Aww, you poor thing. Oh well, i better remove my pumps jump to my bed and wiggle my nyloned toes.
  • (Temacu takes off her black high heeled pumps, jumps to her bed, cuddles up to Mr. Fluffles, wiggles her nyloned toes and sleeps. Meanwhile, Thug Piglet peeks out from the window.)
  • Thug Piglet: Hey, i didn't know Temacu has to wear nude tights. Oh, the black high heeled pumps. I better take them away for sure.
  • (Thug Piglet sneaks into Temacu's room and takes away her high heeled pumps while she is sleeping. Next morning)
  • Temacu: (screams) My high heeled pumps are gone! Now i have to wear flip flops for sure.
  • (Temacu puts on her flip flops.)
  • Temacu: That's it! Thug Piglet took away my black high heeled pumps and it's all beacouse of him. I'll break his bones for good! No wait, i won't hurt him. I must have been watched a Code Geass episode and then i...
  • (Temacu looks at a big mess of clothes and gasps.)
  • Temacu: I must have been watching this episode so long that now i had to clean up this mess. Oh dear what am i gonna do. I got it i better take off my flip flops and then i'll clean up this mess at 10x speed. Then i'll do it!
  • (Temacu removes her flip flops and stores them to the closet.)
  • Temacu: Ready or not here i come! Hold on a second, i better have this time lapsed room cleaning scene in black and white and in a silent film style with old piano music.
  • (Temacu puts turns on an old radio.)
  • Temacu: Well it's starting. Black and White.
  • (The scene goes from color to black and white)
  • Temacu: Much better now all i had to do is make mute the sound.
  • (The sound is muted)
  • Temacu: (does a trumpet fanfare) Blue Head power.
  • (Temacu cleans up her room in a time lapsed style while music from Let's Give Kitty A Bath plays in an extended mode.)
  • Temacu: There! All cleaned up. (sighs) i better go back to bed and watch TV.
  • (Temacu jumps back to her bed, turns on the TV and watches an Evergirl song.)
  • Temacu: Oh, i almost forgot put everything back to normal. (turns everything back to normal.) Much better. (sings the Evergirl song)
  • (end of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (we see Temacu in bed singing a little song while wiggling her nyloned toes.)
  • Temacu: (singing) La la la la la la la la, i love my nude tights.
  • (

Part 3

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