huh, is the world just a big joke? why is there laws? to make good. but look at the goddamn world has it changed a bit? people still suffer every single day because some people don't know what they have, they won't share. the freaking jerks do't wanna share and they say, the nerve of them! i have earned what i have, it's their fault if theyre poor. what the fuck!! i think its their fault. because theyre parens worked their asses off to get money, food and clothing for them and now they wont share it with the rest of the world!! so tell me now, who is right? who makes the laws who doesnt follow them while you make a choice, children cry mothers and fathers die of starvation sving all for their beloved children, little children get jobs are worked half dead without having a bite teenagers crawl on the streets working hard for a living y stealing and all the while.. the fucking bstarded rich people, are sleeping in their cosy beds, having chicken and ham and otther delicies for dinner, lunch and breakfast. they stand high in their policticla status saying how they'll change the world, yet never do. not one step has been taken i want to do something. but nonoe will listen to me. im a freaking tenneaged 14 yr old for goodness sake. not a child, i can visit those place and help them, i want to donate a million dollars to them... but i cant, mum is broke, and so am i. none will listen to a child. but when i grow up, i wanna make my mark on the world, i have to study and study. then i can go places, meet people who genuinely want to help and above all .. persuade others to help i believe although im small, young, useless and all that other stuff., maybe i can still make a diffrence if only a little. maybe just maybe i might be able tohelp a few people if only one ly one. at least i tried and to me trying is better than not doing anything at all. i can type and type. and i ish i really wish, i can make a diffrnece when i grow up...

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