what was that you saw ages ago. does it still exist? is what used to be always never-ending in its step? will you remember everything from the the day you were born till now? will people learn? will they remmeber? is the strength people just, what they think it is, a grasping onto wieght being able to lift a 100 kilograms of weight and not be overwhelmed by it. is singing a song even when you're out of tune really that bad. becaase if you can't sing right but you still sing with your shear t and soul, soon all who hear it if they listen closely, t would become beautiful,. but moslty people don't appreciate it. they don't se it, and strive to find other ways of making a perfect world. can things really be perfect, i think it is just a distant dream, forever wanting it, byut the minute youre close it just floats away, gone like a passing breath.

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