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Information about the World of Warcraft characters inspired by the Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Liu Bei

"This man was no mere bookish scholar, nor found he any pleasure in study. But he was liberal and amiable, albeit a man of few words, hiding all feeling under a calm exterior. He had always cherished a yearning for high enterprise and had cultivated the friendship of humans of mark. He was tall of stature. His ears were long, the lobes touching his shoulders, and his hands hung down below his knees. His eyes were very big and prominent so that he could see backward past his ears. His complexion was as clear as jade, and he had rich red lips." (Source)

Sounds like a Night Elf maybe? It adds he was a shoe weaver; perhaps a tailor or leatherworker?

"For Liu Bei they made a pair of ancient swords;"

Twin swords means we're limited to Rogue, Warrior, and Hunter as choices. Rogue?

Zhang Fei

"Turning quickly he saw standing there a man about his own height, with a bullet head like a leopard's, large eyes, a swallow pointed chin, and whiskers like a tiger's. He spoke in a loud bass voice and looked as irresistible as a dashing horse. At once Liu Bei saw he was no ordinary man and asked who he was." (Source)

Gnome? Possibly Human.

"and for Zhang Fei they created a ten-foot spear called Serpent Halberd. Each too had a helmet and full armor."

Well, Polearm again, so Paladin maybe?

Guan Yu

"Liu Bei looked over the newcomer, item by item, and he noted the man had a huge frame, a long beard, a vivid face like an apple, and deep red lips. He had eyes like a phoenix's and fine bushy eyebrows like silkworms. His whole appearance was dignified and awe-inspiring. Presently, Liu Bei crossed over, sat down beside him and asked his name." (Source)

Although it says huge frame, the description sounds like a Dwarf to me -- especially with the beard.

"for Guan Yu they fashioned a long-handled, curve blade called Green-Dragon Saber, which weighed a full one hundred pounds;"

Polearm means Warrior, Paladin, or Hunter right? I'd lean towards Warrior...

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