Walt Disney Pictures, Destination Films, and Gullane Pictures presents

In association with the Isle Of Man Fiolm Commission

A Britt Allcroft Film

The Three Little Pigs

Minnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse as Mr. Conductor

And Thomas The TanK Engine

"The Three Little Pigs/Thomas And The Magic Railroad"


Practical Pig as Burnett Stone

Mickey Mouse as Mr. Conductor/Patch/Older Patch

Fifer Pig as Fifer Pig Stone

Fiddler Pig as Fiddler Pig Stone

The Big Bad Wolf as P.T. Boomer

Donald Duck as Mr. C. Junior

Minnie Mouse as Lily/Older Lily

Chief O'Hara as Billy Twofeathers/Sir Topham Hatt

Clarabelle Cow as Lily's Mother

Daisy Duck as Stacey Jones

Li'l Wolf as Young P.T. Boomer

Porky Pig as Young Burnett Stone

Petunia Pig as Young Tasha Stone

Cierrco Pig as Little Mickey-Thomas (Lily's Son)

Keith Scott as the voice of Diesel 10

Patrick Breen as the voices of Splatter And Dodge

Neil Crone as the voice of Gordon

Kevin Frank as the voices of Harold, Bertie, and Henry

Colm Feore as the voices of Edward and Toby

Michael Angelis as the voices of James and Percy

Britt Allcroft as the voice of Lady

And John Bellis as the voice of Thomas

Based on the Silly Symphony "The Three Little Pigs" by Walt Disney

Based on the film, "Thomas And The Magic Railroad", written and directed by Britt Allcroft

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