Three Tasks is the name of an upcoming pre-apocalyptic novel by me, OAL . . . or, well, hope-to-be novel. It is about a young fifteen-year-old girl named Marigold who is the daughter of an ambassador to the Empire of Boar and a broken-down constantly cranky mother who hates everyone and everything because of her depression. Marigold lives in a world where the Empires of Boar, Hare, Ox, Ram, Seal and Spider each send ten Warriors to compete each year in the Three Task Challenge to determine who will rule for the next year. And the first two tasks can be anything the hosting Empire can think of while the third, and deadliest, task is always the infamous Death Maze, a terrible winding maze of thorny hedges, hallucinating contestants, and beasts who want your blood. Many die in the Challenge, and many more go hopelessly insane from the horrors they witness, but there's always one who leaves the Challenge alive. If there are any others from the winner's Empire they survive too, while all the other Warriors are executed via firing squad once the event is finished. Whichever Empire the survivor belongs to wins and gains the fame of ruling for a year. And during that year, workers don't work because they get free money and food and nothing is produced by that Empire. It's absolute bliss for the winning Empire, and torture to be humiliated for all the others. Then, as the time for the Challenge comes around again, everything repeats . . .

Marigold wants to win for her poverty-stricken family, which desperately needs pulling together. She and nine others from the Empire of Hare volunteer themselves to participate in the one-hundred-thirteenth Three Task Challenge tournament. They are all taking an enormous risk, though - no one from the Empire of Hare has ever survived long enough to win. They've all laid down their weapons in the past in an act to oppose the concept of the Challenge. Marigold wants to win it all for her family, her Empire, and herself. But can she do it when the rest of the Hares plan to oppose the Challenge as soon as the first task begins? Can she prevail if her fellow Warriors' true reasons for coming were to sacrifice themselves? She needs all the help she can get, and she'll have to fight to get it. Follow Marigold in her emotional battle for family reunion and for her life as she brawls her way through the annual Masquerade, weekly training, romance with fellow Hare Warrior Ash, and the gut-wrenching Three Task Challenge that'll either save her family or end her forever.

List of important characters:

Marigold - Main protagonist - Empire of Hare

Aspen (aka Ash) - Warrior with Marigold and her one true love - Empire of Hare

Violet - Sixteen years old, one of Marigold's best friends, very selfless - Empire of Hare

Poppy - Violet's fourteen-year-old sister, Warrior with Marigold - Empire of Hare

Sorrel - Fifteen years old, one of Marigold's best friends - Empire of Hare

Azalea - Marigold's depressed mother - Empire of Hare

Ilex - Marigold's ten-year-old brother, very sweet and trustful - Empire of Hare

Thistle - Marigold's cruel father, ambassador to the Empire of Boar - Empire of Hare

More to be coming . . .

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