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Series 1

  • SuperTed in Space, Part 1
  • SuperTed in Space, Part 2
  • SuperTed's Dream
  • SuperTed and The Magic Word, Part 1
  • SuperTed and The Magic Word, Part 2
  • SuperTed and Mother Nature
  • Bulk's Story
  • SuperTed and The Incas Treasure
  • SuperTed Kicks up Dust
  • SuperTed and the Pothole Rescue
  • SuperTed and The Great Horrendo
  • SuperTed Goes Round the Bend

Series 2

  • SuperTed and The Whales
  • SuperTed and the Gorilla
  • SuperTed and Tex's Magic Spell
  • SuperTed in China Town
  • SuperTed in Spotty and the Indians
  • SuperTed at The Toy Shop
  • SuperTed in the Arctic
  • SuperTed and The Giant Kites
  • SuperTed and the Trainrobbers
  • SuperTed and Nuts in Space
  • SuperTed on Planet Spot
  • SuperTed and The Goldmine

Series 3

  • SuperTed and The Pearlfishers
  • SuperTed and The Elephants Graveyard
  • SuperTed at the Funfair
  • SuperTed at Creepy Castle
  • SuperTed and the City of the Dead
  • SuperTed Goes to Texas
  • SuperTed Meets Father Christmas
  • SuperTed and the Lumberjacks
  • SuperTed and The Gun Smuggler
  • SuperTed and The Crystal Ball
  • SuperTed and The Rattler
  • SuperTed and The Stolen Rocket

Years: 1982-1986

1987 BAFTA-Best Animation

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