In Creation, the Scarlet Empire rules over 60% of all land in Creation, centered on the Blessed Isle and the Elemental Pole of earth. However, the lands beyond the borders of the Scarlet Empire belong to a conglomerate of other races, some allied, some warring, some neither. Narrow-minded Imperials refer to the world beyond the Empire as the Scavenger Lands, the rest refer to it as the Threshold.


Lookshyans are mortals or Dragon-Bloods who live in the city of Lookshy, the main protection for the Confederation of Rivers in the East, formerly known as Delehesen. Lookshy was originally created by an Imperial Legion that defected from the Scarlet Empire after the Scarlet Empire took power. Currently, Lookshy is ruled by the Legion Taimyo. Lookshyans are divided by class: soldiers, citizens, helots, and slaves. The five most powerful families in Lookshy are the Dragon-Blooded Gentes. There are five: Karal, Teresu, Amilar, Maheka, and Yushoto.


Delzahn are the Creation equivalent of Arabs. A nomadic race originally, the Delzahn were found by the Lunar elder Tammuz, and turned into a powerful race with their capital city in the ruined First Age city of Chiaroscuro. They are still nomads, however. The males are hunters and warriors who believes his honor comes with deed and ancestry rather than appearance, and as such wear brightly colored veils, and white or sand-colored veils when traveling. The females tend to the tribe's possessions and gather food. The are ruled by the Tri-Khan.

Rex Arafelia "Tango" Aram, the leader of the Revenant Wings, is full-blooded Delzahn.


Haltans are mortals, intelligent animals, or a fusion of the two. They live in high redwood trees and oaks in tree-cities high above the ground. They are led by a hierarchial matriarchy, and ruled by a Queen until she is 40 years old, who then appoints a successor and advises her. They are the first to include animals into their citizenry, but only if they are capable of holding rational thought. The current Queen is Chaltra Evamal, who is 39 years old and reaching the end of her regime.


Haslanti were once a group of barbarians led by a Lunar Exalted that was killed in battle by the Wyld Hunt. However, the Lunar elders felt that the Haslanti deserved a chance to survive, and thus were led by the Lunar Gerd Marrow-Eater. This time, the Haslanti became fearsome warriors of the north. The Haslanti are warriors, miners, farmers, herders, fishers, and First Age archaeologists to boot, exploring the frozen cities of Tzlati and Crystal across the frozen ice in airships and iceboats. They are led by twelve chieftains called the Council of Oligarchs. They can be seen as a fusion of Apaches and Eskimos.

Rovus Kermeki, the No Moon Lunar Exalted, and Hurricane's Quill, the Full Moon Lunar Exalted, are both full-blooded Haslanti.

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