• James Bond as Sonic
  • Emilio Largo as Dr. Eggman
  • Dominique Derval as Amy Rose
  • Fiona Volpe as Cosmo
  • Felix Letter as King Acorn
  • M as Tails
  • Count Lippe as Lucas
  • Paula Caplan as Cream
  • Patricia Fearing as Vanilla
  • Pinder as Charmy Bee
  • Francois Derval and Angelo Palazzi as Heavy and Bomb
  • Q as Knuckles
  • The Foreign Secretary as Big the Cat
  • Miss Moneypenny as Marine
  • Vargas as Antoine
  • Ladislav Kutze as Shadow
  • Janni as Cheese
  • Ernst Starvo Blofeld as Ari
  • Quist as Omochao

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