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  • Real Name: Chris Thomas
  • Age: Unknown, presumably mid-fourties
  • Alias: Thunderstorm
  • Power: Ability to emit supercharged electric energy from any point of his body.


Chris Thomas was an ordinary single buisness man with an average income. Even with his modest life-style, Chris wanted more. He got his wish one stormy night on his way home from work. Chris was driving home when suddenly a bolt of lightning struck his car sending jolts of electricity through his body (it entered through a cut Chris had recived earlier). Chris's car exploded and left Chris wounded. The next day Chris awoke and discovered his amazing new ablilities. Pleased with his new powers he plannned to use them for his own good. He traveled into town and decided to start easy by robbing a pedestrian. Chris grabbed the mans arm and shocked him unconcious. He then made away with his wallet. Pleased Chris donned the name "Thunderstorm".

A New Villian


The next day, Chris practiced with his powers and found out that he could controll electric devices and could absorb electrons for more power. Making himself a new costume, he decided to rob a bank. It was an easy win. On his was back home, he was confronted by Protoman. Pleased that he was reciving a challenge, Thunderstorm fired a charge of electricty at the masked hero. Caught by surprise, the blast defeated the Protoman and Thunderstorm was able to escape.


Later, Thunderstorm traveled to a power plant to supercharge himself and take over Chicago. he was stopped by Protoman. Thunderstorm again fired an electric blast at him but was surprised when the blast was deflected. Protoman had used a proton shield to repel the blast. The two then engaged in a firece battle where Thunderstorm tested Protoman's abilities by tossing busses with civilians into the air and endangering lives. Eventually, Protoman was able to short circuit Thunderstorm by shooting a mass of protons at him while he was charging an electric blast. Enraged by his defeat, Thunderstorm was sent to jail in a rubber suit.


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