Tidmouth Sheds

The set of Tidmouth Sheds

The sheds at Tidmouth are the main engine sheds on Sodor. In the Railway Series, it is shown as a shed with three or four rails leading in (the illustrations were inconsistent), but in later books it was depicted as shed enclosing ten berths around a turntable. In the television series, the sheds were replaced a roundhouse with a turntable at the front.

The sheds were rebuilt in "Calling All Engines" with a new arcitechural style and an extra berth for Emily. Diesel, 'Arry and Bert were put in charge of building them, but Thomas, believing they were destroying it, sabotaged the three, meaning the engines had to sleep elsewhere until its repair.

Many events have taken place at the Sheds, such as the strike of the big engines and the confrontation between Duck, Diesel and the big engines.

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