Tidus Meets Gordon the Big Engine is an Anime and Final Fantasy TV Show episode. 
Tidus meets Gordon the Big Engine

Episode Title


  • Tidus
  • Squall Leonhart
  • Yuna
  • Kimhari
  • Wakka
  • Paine
  • Rikku
  • Gordon the Big Engine
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Sir Topham Hatt (Mentioned)


  • (At Tidus' bedroom at the Ship)
  • Kimhari: Tidus, who look's here.
  • (A Low tone of Whistles with B5 Flat mixed with C5)
  • Gordon: Hello, Zanakands! I'm here to visit you and what are you doing here?
  • Tidus: Who are you? 
  • Gordon: I'm Gordon, and I'm the number four big blue engine and I'm pulling express. And I was a muscular because you're just an Blitzball Player.
  • Tidus: My name is Tidus and this is Kimhari.
  • Kimhari: Hi, bro.
  • Gordon: Kimhari.
  • Kimhari: Are you Sir Topham Hatt's engine in the Island of Sodor?
  • Gordon: Yes. I also sometimes being grumpy and arrogant. I being very rude by Thomas. Yuna wants to see me. 
  • Tidus: My friends Yuna, Wakka, Lulu, Paine and Rikku are go to see you at the raced.
  • Gordon: Yes Tidus. By the way, I told Lord Braska about my strength and pulling my express for 100 times.
  • Tidus: So, Can i raced with you.
  • Gordon: Indeed, only me, my steamy friends are the steam team including, Thomas, Edward, James, Henry, Percy, Toby, Duck, and Emily.
  • Yuna: Tidus, This is Gordon and he always grumpy to me.
  • Gordon: Bye bye Yuna and Tidus. Full Steam Ahead! (As he leaves)
  • Tidus: Bye Gordon.
  • Yuna: Hi, Thomas.
  • Thomas: Hi Yuna, Nice to meet you.

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