Tierra In Love is a Whitney's Greatest Adventures episode.


  • While Tierra is watching Quints, Edwin (voiced by Ted Lewis) comes over and she develops a crush on him. Whitney and the others find out what's doing with her.


  • Whitney
  • Jasmine
  • Janina
  • Tierra
  • Liza
  • Clair
  • Edwin
  • Chris (cameo)
  • Bucky (cameo)
  • Martin (cameo)


Part 1

  • (we see Tierra watching Quints, a Disney Channel movie released way back in 2000.)
  • Tierra: Aww. Those cute little babies. Jamie is taking care of them.
  • (door rings)
  • Tierra: Coming. Better turn off the TV. (turns off the tv)
  • Edwin: Hello, Tierra. Zis is me Edwin.
  • Tierra: (screams in joy) Edwin!
  • Whitney: What's going on, Tierra? (gasps)
  • Jasmine: Would you look at that?
  • Janina: It's Edwin!
  • Liza: Tierra has a total crush on him.
  • Clair: It appears to be a love for her.
  • Tierra: Nice french accent you got, Edwin. I'm an archaeologist.
  • Edwin:

Part 2

Part 3

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