This is intended to be a list of things to worry about when discussing lifestyle factors in lifespan, in order, based on prevailing scientific evidence of hazard in Western living. The idea is that you shouldn't be too concerned with things two levels down if you're not meeting one of these ideals on a given level. To make informed choices we need perspective on the amount of harm we cause ourselves, not just qualitative ideas that a given behavior can cause harm.

0th tier:
Avoiding morbid obesity and starvation at all costs
Getting >=20hr of sleep per week

1st tier:
Maintaining a very roughly normal-range body weight achieved by adjusting calorie balance
At least minimal regular exercise
(if severe/moderate diabetes) blood sugar management
Avoiding dysfunctionally addictive drugs like heroin, cocaine, and meth
A minimally balanced diet (avoiding pure staple diets)
Getting >=30hr of sleep per week
Driving cautiously
Access to regular preventative and responsive healthcare

2nd tier:
Not too extreme macronutrient balance (maintaining > 5% calories from fat, protein, carbs)
At least minimal regular aerobic exercise (if BP is under control and atherosclerosis isn't extreme), and moderate levels of regular low-heartrate exercise
Blood sugar management (eg: avoiding sugary drink binges)
Avoiding prolonged sitting and refraining from sedentary lifestyle
Minimal levels of common nutrients, avoiding gross deficiencies using a balanced diet or extensive supplementation
Normal blood pressure achieved by adjusting salt/electrolyte to water intake ratio
Avoiding tobacco and significant alcohol consumption
Stress management (relaxation, meditation, mild alcohol consumption, reasonable-pressure responsibilities)
Psychological well-being (treatment of disorders, fulfilling life situation, social contact)
Getting >=40hrs of sleep per week
Avoiding extreme air pollutants associated with mold, construction, and industrial work

3rd tier:
Considerable athletic fitness
Fat, protein, and starch type
fiber, flora, and gastrointestinal function
Hygiene and the avoidance of infections, dental and epidermal
normal range of common nutrients, achieved by specific supplementation fixing obvious gaps in a balanced diet
Acyclic sleep, even when the overall quantity per week is normal
Meal irregularity, shifting majority of calories around by more than a few hours from previous circadian day
Mild recreational stimulant (caffeine, coca, khat) toxicity
high-dose nutrient toxicity from things eaten in excess on special diets
pesticides and toxins in improperly consumed foods (orange peel, apple seeds)
Avoiding frequent UV exposure via sunlight
Avoiding air pollutants in a typical city (smog, "ozone days", etc)

4th tier:
Melatonin regulation via sunlight during consciousness and darkness during sleep
pesticides in properly consumed food
common low-level food toxins (many sources)
common food preparation toxins (BPA, acrylamide, char, etc)
nutrient balance in common and rare nutrients, achieved by extensive supplementation and blood testing

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