Tiffany Villarreal is a Mexican and Puerto Rican songstress from San Antonio, Texas, United States. She has taken part in Baby Bash's "Shorty Doo Wop" and "The Hood" by Raekwon. In 2004, she released her debut album, "Tiffany Villarreal" and only published in Japan.

After graduating high school in Las Vegas, Villarreal recorded demos for such artists as Missy Elliott, Faith Evans, and Alicia Keys. "It was good that I met people who had made it," she says. "They gave me great advice, and it was inspiring." Elliott, whom she met through Kameelah Williams of 702 during the recording of the 702 hit "Steelo," served as the executive producer on Villarreal's unreleased album on RCA.In 2002, she signed a deal with Universal Records, and label mate Raekwon summoned her to bless his radio-friendly single "The 'Hood." "With her attitude and overall talent, she's definitely got what it takes to win," he says.

Tiffany's voice is like that of a heavenly cherub. With an impressive range, she sings about the assortment of emotions one goes through when first meeting a potential mate on the song "Holla At Me." The set-it-off track conjures up a fun-loving vibe much like the rest of her album. Similarly, Tiffany finds herself inside a Wu-Tang Clan beehive on the track "Rewind The Time" which features the lyrical gymnastics of respected emcee Raekwon. The musical bout witnesses Tiffany and Raekwon verbally going at it about the weakening of a relationship over a sparingly, up-tempo, bass-heavy, stirring song.

Meanwhile, "Erotic" invokes Tiffany's sensual nature. The Spanish singer's musical range is extended with the Prince sounding melody. "It's just like, when I hear a track, I know that's my song, I know it's made for me and that's how I felt about 'Erotic'," Tiffany explains.



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